Live Weather Does Not Match

you maybe don’t know how this weather used to be. The game for some reason yesterday had a few hours in which it was very realistic everywhere, now it switched again on those ugly clouds…clearly something is wrong and i don’t understand why some people try to undermine the reporting of issues like this thread should be…if you love it fine! but let us report the issues we encounter, I know how the weather engine worked before, my expectations are based on that!


How the weather looks is subjective. Comparing temperatures, wind speed & direction, those kinds of things aren’t.

If I point at a cloud, and say that I see an elephant, and you see your great aunt, who is right? Or is the weather just “wrong”?

Maybe they never experienced how stunning, real and beautiful the weather was pre-SU7.



I can certainly see two layers of cloud in the sim, but not a third, so its possible that MB is merging the 1900, and 2400ft clouds into a single layer?

Interestingly the weather just shifted, and I now have a cloud ceiling of about 2300ft.

Let’s see if I can build that METAR by hand for comparison purposes.

what kind of point are you trying to make? knowing what types of clouds should be present and what’s on the sim in not subjective! it took photos or real life and the game, the discrepancy it’s a fact! if I have stratus clouds in real life I don’t want to see some CBs in the game! otherwise if we have to go for what you just said then we might as well have some 2d clouds because someone might like them, as long as your numbers on papers are correct.


The point I’m making is you cannot point to a real world cloud, then expect that cloud to be in the game, that’s all.

Photos without data behind them are practically meaningless.

The sim clearly has problems rendering thinner, wispier clouds, but you can make these by hand, so the sim is certainly capable of making an approximation of them, it just very often doesn’t, and resorts to puff balls a lot of the time.

Here’s back to live weather right now:

What do you think of those? Doesn’t look a million miles off what I built by hand does it?

How does your live weather look in comparison? I was at EGAA by the way.

I’d love to see your live weather at this location. Same location, same time, different PC’s at different geographic locations (I assume, I’m in the UK).


It seems the wind data in live weather is still not accurate. Example… Metoblue shows KEED Needles with light/mod winds and gusts , as well as very light winds on the METAR in Simbrief/Navigraph, but when I arrived there I was greeted with 40mph crosswinds, and…when I went out and looked on the world map it shows 85kt winds for that airport, even though a nearby airport (A20) shows 10kts on the world map. Am I missing anything?

I would take what the world map says with a grain of salt. Now if I booted the sim with the weather engine running and things we off, that’s more of a problem. It’s been recently debated but a METAR just reads the weather at a singular time and posts it. What if the winds change 2 minutes after it’s posted? Weather is not constant, it’s constantly changing. Giving a real world example, the wind may be gusting and then 5 minutes later it’s calm. 5 minutes after back to stronger gusts than before. METARS don’t reflect that. Just because at 14:00 when posted it says blah blah blah doesn’t mean that at 14:05 the winds can be different. People are looking for exact data and exact matching. Even the real world doesn’t work that way. METARS are for reference, not what is 100% what is happening at that very moment. Go listen to some ATC online, when the controller reads the wind gauge for aircraft, it won’t be what the METAR says. It’ll be a ballpark read since the wind gauge is live.

Even more to the point, when METARS are posted IRL, there’s a delay between when we get them as well on our sims. Maybe somewhere around 2-10 minutes. Surprised that hasn’t been making people angry. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

METARs don’t average winds?

METARs don’t update with SPECIs when meeting certain criteria?

Thanks for the feedback. I think the bigger issue I was seeing was 85kt winds around an airport, according to the world map,with no weather sources reporting anything remotely close to that, and a couple other airports within 10-15 miles showing 10kts or thereabouts.

I mean sure there might be an issue and discrepancy with the two not matching but that’s entirely realistic because if you took the METAR from an airport versus what you yourself were feeling or seeing outside, I’d bet there’d be some differences. This is the thing that people for some reason are having such a difficult time with realizing or coming to terms with. METARS are references. We’ve taken and manipulated them into needing to be absolute. That’s not their purpose. If it was they would need to be live and not updated in intervals.

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But the worst thing IMO is snow in the summer as it is observed in the Alps now at some “white” airports.

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Live weather down (clouds), big cold front with snow and rain moving thru NZ South Island now.
MSFS shows clear skies… useless

Now in Auckland, NZ. Clouds completely missing. Anyone else?

Seems to be an NZ issue. I reloaded the sim and started up in Western Australia where it is cloudy/rainy and live weather worked ok. Weird.

Yeah me too. I checked both in Europe and US and it works fine. It seems only related to NZ indeed.

It’s weird because I flew from Hobart to Queenstown NZ, and weather was working (although the clouds were not as thick as they should’ve been, but that seems normal for Live Weather)
It was only when I started in NZ that the problem started

Live weather broken again today in NZ
This screenshot is looking East, where there should be heavy cloud cover. Nothing.

As you can see below the meteoblue cloud coverage map indicates cloud over much of Eastern NZ

As does the MSFS World Map

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I can see clouds in your image

@hobanagerik in the distance yes, but have a look at the METAR…
Light Rain, few clouds at 3800ft, Overcast at 6000ft. Certainly not what is being injected by MSFS

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