Live Weather Does Not Match

I checked with the weather debug tool and the winds are dynamic. Never in a constant flow in this sim. I found that realistic.

The comanche calculates the average of those winds and reports new values of average winds and gusts if the dynamic winds increases. Really cool feature in that plane. I will always check that instead of METAR. Would like to have that feature for other aircraft as well or standalone tool.

The issue i found with the METAR winds Asobo injects is that the wind can never get lower than the reported average winds. That means in the sim we have higher average winds than in real life all the time as you can notice on the comanches reported winds.

The wind in the sim fluctuated between 8-15KTS. To get an average of 8KTS it should have fluctuated between 4-10KTS as an example.

The winds are injected from METAR into the sim but the average of the dynamic winds are wrong in the sim.


This is an advice for Asobo to fix the average issue.

If A METAR says 8KTS Asobo should not set a lower limit for the winds in the sim at 8KTS. The wind should be able to get lower than 8KTS.

8KTS on a METAR means an average of 8KTS over a 10 minutes period of meassurements. It doesn’t mean the winds can’t get lower than 8KTS.

As it is now with a lower limit the winds are less accurate because the average winds are always higher than what a METAR reports makes the winds average stronger than they actually is IRL all the time.

My painting skills :wink:


This is a very reasonable assessment. I completely agree.


Yeah - there’s a massive issue with NZ weather at the moment, it’s not working at all. QNH and temperature are correct, but none of the cloud depiction seems to work.

I’m having the same issues, and have for some months now, but doesn’t look like Asobo are acknowledging it.

are you sure? it was working two days ago:

for about 5-6 not only did the weather looked phantastic but also matched almost perfectly with the real weather and don’t get me wrong, there is definitly something wrong with it still, because this is merly the exception than the rule.


all live weather


Anyone see any improvements in the SU13 beta?

None at all :frowning:


You have to buy MSFS2024 to see tornadoes and the rest will be the same.


What a joke honestly, live weather barely works at all, I bought REX Weather Force and even tho its METAR based, its a lot better than Live Weather honestly. It has its issues but atleast I can get semi-realistic weather on my flights now.


I agree, live weather is just flat out terrible. It has definitely been forgotten in the world of improvements. The clouds are just atrocious. Same clouds different day…boring. Example…I am flying into KCLT right now, here is the METAR and here is what the sim is actually showing. Not even close.


51252Z 22007KT 9SM FEW010 FEW100 BKN250 27/24 A2992 RMK AO2 SLP136 T02720239


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Especially now considering we all know MSFS2024 is inbound next year, just fix up the big issues in this game and call it a day, weather and whatever else are major issues


No clouds once again :roll_eyes:
7:56pm Sydney Australia (9:56am UTC)

Yep, same here. LPPR 10:01 UTC

It’s working again…

not working for me in EDDM.

No live weather around south east Spain and the Baleares.