Live Weather Does Not Match

This is ridiculous. Another weekend, another issue.
This time temperature, pressure and winds seem not to be working. (QNH 1014 should be 29.94)
Clouds are ok.

alt is stuck at 29.92 and winds 213 at 3kts…

Live weather not working for me right now. QNH is 1013 and temperature 20 °C.

Live weather not working in USA either. Altimeter is stuck at 29.92 everywhere and no winds or clouds. Temperatures are correct.

What is interesting is that the METAR is correct. It does simply not appear within the simulator.

EDIT: Have been away from my PC for about 30 minutes and the weather loaded in by now

At KBOS now and noticing the weather is also not loading in.

Same here. Been sitting at KORF for about 20 minutes and METAR is correct but not depicted in the sim.

EDIT - Same as other poster mentioned, after 35 mins ± the correct WX did finally load into the sim.

Live WX been having issues these past two days I’ve noticed.

METAR shows clouds, etc but in sim clear skies, no wind, 1013 pressure, 20C in Panama City…all wrong

Same here. Wx did work properly yesterday, but now nearly everything is messed up (clouds, wind, pressure, temperature). Visibility might be correct, though (not completely sure about this).

EDIT: Seems to be working again.

Weather not as depicted in METAR. Dublin shows 20ºC, qnh 1013 and no wind.

EGTE/Exeter METAR as of 15 min ago reported 5000m vis, few clouds at 1000ft, broken cloud at 4000ft, light rain.

Actual, more like 500m and cloud to the gruond. This happens so often - why does the model seem to substitute fog for rain? And that one really is the METAR area, the surrounding area just has the broken clloud.

Again - EGTE METAR vis 10km or more, few clouds 2000ft, scattered 4500ft, 88% humidity.

EGTE 022220Z 29007KT 260V320 9999 FEW020 SCT045 14/12 Q1012

Actual 3nm from airport ( tuirned to daylight to show it ) - screenshot from 5 mins before posting.

It’s not just this location, it’s happening all over the UK & bits of Northern Europe over and over.

Alaska clouds will not load.

Clouds are not coming from METAR but from Meteoblue. What is saying MB forecast for that location ?

It shows cloudy skies as well.

Ok, so definitely there is an issue. Since we don’t have access to the clouds data injected by MB into the sim, I hope some devs are reviewing that thread and can analyse this kind of discrepancies reported here.


Another example of discrepancy, LFQQ (Lille)
MB shows Medium/High clouds 95%, Live Weather shows the typical/generic clouds with incorrect coverage vs forecast


They are not, else they would have fixed it by now…

This is Anchorage, Alaska, this morning. Clear skies in MSFS, IFR in RL. They devs don’t appear to be paying attention to this forum, because this has been going on for days now.


Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

01:00 UTC, October 9th, LFLL (Lyon). (Moved time to day light)
MB shows High Clouds > 95%, sim shows clear sky

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video: