Live Weather Does Not Match

FYI, it was mentioned in an Xbox article from Jorg yesterday that real time snow and ice coverage is coming with sim update 2. This is a nice surprise.

METARS are limited to airport surface observations of temperature, pressure, wind, visibility, dewpoint and a (limited) amount of cloud data. Many airport METARS will contain no data on clouds above 12,000 feet, and there is no specific data on the actual type of clouds. METAR data is really only valid for an airport itself and the immediate vicinity.

Other than real-time satellite cloud data, and NEXRAD radar( which is only available in certain countries) there is no real time data for the state of the atmosphere above the surface. The upper atmosphere is only analyzed with real time observations twice per day, and that is used to initialize various computer forecast models. Some models like the US RAP are updated more often, but those have limited geographical coverage.

In the sim, the use of the MeteoBlue model allows a much more detailed construction of the state of the entire atmosphere both surface and aloft, than could ever be provided by surface METAR data alone, including the location of major storm systems and their movement over time. It is a good system, but like any forecast, it may miss the mark.

I live in upstate New York, and saw first hand just two days ago, just how bad a forecast can be “off”. All the various US and European forecast models foresaw as early as the end of last week, that there was a strong possibility of a major winter storm in the northeastern US on Wednesday December 17th. Even when the storm was underway, beginning early Wednesday afternoon, and with the benefit of real-time NEXRAD radar analysis of the system, the NWS forecast office in Binghamton, NY was predicting a total snowfall of 12 inches (max) at my location, and perhaps as much as 18 inches in Binghamton itself, where the NWS office is located.

What the model did not see, and what was not obvious even on real-time radar until late in the evening, was that a deformation zone of very heavy snowfall was going to set up over northern Pennsylvania and southern New York, and then “lock in place”, due to the way the storm was pivoting to the northeast as it moved. The band of heavy snow did not move for almost 6 hours.

The result? My city, that was expecting 12 inches of snow got 22. Binghamton, that was expecting 18 inches (max) got 42 inches!

The forecast was “blown”, even when being carefully analyzed and updated with real-time observations.

Speaking of snow, apparently like most computer forecast models, the MeteoBlue model does indeed contain data on snow already on the ground, and that is supposed to be added to LiveWeather with the sim update coming next week.

Same issue here. METAR says visibility 200 meters due to fog, but in game there is clear skies on the airport. Rotfl

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I just did my first flight after the update and the live weather is still not right. I set up a flight out of 49NY on east Long Island and and the temp and pressure were correct (OAT 4C and altimeter 29.76). As soon as I lifted off I got the pop up that my altimeter setting was incorrect. It was back to 29.92 and OAT was 17C.

Also the winds were correct on the world map (31010kts at KLGA) but when I arrived they were 23903kts meaning I had to land on runway 22…again lol.


on every flight and in every city it is always sunny. I don’t know if I won’t be loading the weather live. No clouds in live weather.

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Hi! Microsoft - Asobo still same bug, after 7 update? Something are wrong with you. Always sunny is not! Real weather!


LOWI-Innsbruck, Icy Runway, Snowy Mountains, but OAT 21° C and 3 Kt Windbug is back.

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I get real weather on the first flight. If I go to the main menu and start additional flights, live weather no longer occurs and its clear and sunny. I have to exit to desktop, relaunch and it goes back to live weather on first flight.


also tonight is the same for me.
I start the sim, I start a flight and it’s ok. Then i start e new flight and the weather is only “clear sky”.


Having the same issue with weather not loading now, too. It seems so hit or miss and I cannot find a fix despite searching for the last few hours.

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I am having the exact same issue.

Weather is a Joke and Asobo just can’t admit it… SAD!


Live weather worked perfectly yesterday. Today, clear skies. Even tried the workaround by starting with clear skies then loading live weather. Still not working. Very frustrating that it shows accurate weather when planning the flight, then goes to clear skies. I wish they would fix this.


After restarting several times I finally got live weather in the menu but when going to the airport, it never shows up. Always clear on live weather, except in the menu where it shows correctly for the airport

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Had is working for a few days after once again removing addon liveries. This morning after a successful flight with correct weather, tried to fly again, had it tell me that my “packages were out of date” and it dropped me to the dreaded “press any key” screen which was unresponsive. Restarted, took me to the initial preferences screen, it messed up a few settings and, you guessed it, live weather not working again. Looks like it is during the planning stage of the flight, then it loads clear skies. This was all within a 2 hour span of time. C’mon folks, fix this.

had a crash to desktop after 10 minutes of flight in heavy snow…restarted sim,…crash once in cockpit (heavy snow), restarted the sim,…crash once in cockpit (heavy snow), restarted computer,…in cockpit,…same area as the heavy snowfall, now no weather (sunny no clouds). WTF. this sim feels like an indi product…a lot of half done features,…no QA

Same problem here - setting up a second flight in the same FS session does no longer provide live weather but clear skies.

However, it seems that the weather engine loads the correct weather and then removes it again. Look at this behaviour: The white runway box displays the correct wind data for a second while loading, and then removes the wind data again. In the top right window, the correct values are persistent. Unfortunately the sim does like the white box, removing any weather values when it renders


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