Live Weather Does Not Match

LOL I know really, not like they didnt have a 30+ year old product to base this version off of.

Well, just when I thought Live Weather was starting to work correctly … Today in Van Nuys, CA USA heavy rain and even hail at my local airport. In game, partly cloudy skies. I don’t know what to say. It’s very disappointing that this can’t seem to get fixed.

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It’s a rainy day here in Southern California. No matter what I do, the game loads up with clear and sunny skies even though I selected Live Weather. No clouds, no rain, unlimited visibility.

in Europe i have less problem with the weather. In USA is often only “clear sky”.

I’ll add my comparison here- in this case the altimeter and temperature were correct but that was about it. I did try the workaround and every time it came back to this.

At the moment, the live weather is 110% broken. Meteoblue has honestly been…yikes…

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Just landed in LFKJ and weather does not match different sources which are all the same and match (IVAO,,, and not even MeteoBlue).
So I think again that live weather is broken

They’re in no hurry to fix ■■■■, they think they’ve done more than enough thanks to articles like this:

How do we upvote the desire to have the Weather API opened to 3rd party? This was never an issue in previous sims once the API was opened up…but for some reason the development team says they have no plans to open the API for weather - WHY!!! If it worked that’s one thing…but it doesn’t…and 3rd party developers can have this fixed in short order. This isn’t rocket science.


For a slew of reasons I mentioned in many threads in the past, 3rd party weather programs are continuously METAR based. Take Active Sky and REX: if the METAR is reporting winds 270/15 and ceiling at 400’AGL, they will insert the exact reported conditions for the full hour. And with that, we go from transient and spatially variant weather conditions to…well…blocks of weather.

METAR based weather is flawed: that’s what 3rd party devs will use
Forecast based weather is flawed as well: that’s what MSFS used when it first came out.

There needs to be a better engine, based on both forecasts and live weather reports. MSFS today uses a bit of a combination of both, but it could definitely use improving.

And honestly, I say we shouldn’t need 3rd party weather developers; I’m sick and tired of opening up 5 different programs every time I want to go flying. One for vPilot, one for Active Sky, one for FSUIPC, one for an ACARS if I fly virtual airlines, one for Hoppie CPLDC. Don’t you think this is all pretty stupid?


So I checked Meteoblue forecast data for my local airport. Overcast with snow. MSFS live weather currently reports clear with no precip. So even if it is suppose to be using Meteoblue forecast data the weather is still wrong. I think MS/Asobo really need to go back to the drawing board when it comes to reporting live weather.

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Precisely, they hate to admit they can’t hack it considering it was one of the selling points. Fact is we’d rather have it working via a paid third party developer. What’s the point flying about in clear weather

That is something to be proud. Thanks for sharing. I´m sure they´ll fix it when they can.

There is already third party apps if you want… just do your research.

I always fly on VATSIM and I am very bothered by the live weather inaccuracies. Yesterday I planned a short IFR flight LFKC-LIMG in a singleprop. Metar at destination (with no ILS) was visibility 9999, BKN400, so I thought that was doable. Well, it was not. Heavy rain + Visibility almost non existent + ceiling about at 010 (I was curios to see how different that was, almost smashed on the hills). That was not a local storm, I circled a lot around the field.
Is there a way to get a proper live weather in fs2020.
Oh, by the way, I live near LIMG and the real conditions where almost perfectly descripted by the METAR.

Is there any way to get a proper live weather on this sim, at least when flying on VATSIM?
thanks in advance

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Have you tried to go to a weather site and write down the forecast/conditions then go to the game and in your flight plan add those weather conditions there. If so does it work all of the time some of the time or never?

The weather that you receive from the sim, in a 12 hour period, did the weather come close to match in that time frame?

ie you launch at 12:00 weather is stormy, but in game its clear. Did the weather match the weather in a previous 12 hour period? Was it clear 6-8 hours before it got stormy in real life?

If this is the case then the problem is with the AI thats ‘predicting’ the weather.

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Life weather is horrible. I just landed in KALB. Real weather reporting 800 feet overcast and light snow. It was clear skies in the sim.



Live Weather seemed to have improved over the past few weeks, but today it was right back to the crappy state it’s usually in. At least the BARO was correct, but in the middle of a snowstorm, clear skies! Such a complete joke and so sad they won’t open up the SDK to folks who know weather.