Live Weather Does Not Match

And no mention of the ATC issues either, sadly.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ve found a few things in the release notes that are of interest, and one that is substantial for me that wasn’t even listed.

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Ah really which things?

OBS implementation wasn’t listed, or if it was they didn’t use that acronym, I think.

I have a lot of issues with this. I’ve mentioned it in several threads already just need upvotes because they fall off due to inactivity. I have an example on this first one that was flagged by Jane.

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How incredibly disappointing. They said they were doing improvements to live weather did they not? I don’t see how that is it?

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Yep they did. Unless they left some stuff out of the changelog, looks like that’s all we got

so it’s already been explained here and in the other discussion groups - they use forecasts and the weather is updated ONLY 2 times a day, except METAR data for wind and temperature, apparently!
In my opinion, the forecasts should be adjusted more often (I mean the update in the SIM ) - furthermore, it may be that either Meteoblue data does not fit, or it is updated too late in the SIM - and thus what we see here arises, namely that there is nothing LIVE and fitting at all. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but these discrepancies have only become so serious in the last few versions. The weather bug on the world map has been around for a while, but after the “workaround” (set to clear, back to LIVE and then click on the airport) the weather at least matched so far, almost always - if you looked out the window and compared. now it’s also absolutely not true, or often not, something must have been changed.
As I said - the solution might be an additional source, synchronise the weather more often, merge it with Metar and update it in the SIM. For me, the new weather system was a big plus in MSFS, of course, along with other things like streaming, but at the moment I’m not really convinced, but yes, it’s an ongoing process, probably still will (hopefully) !

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Tell that to the meteorologists. :wink:

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thanks for the correction - of course I meant the update in the SIM ! :rofl:

I’m bloody annoyed that asobo did nothing to improve the inaccurate live weather, they literally said on the feedback snapshot that it was coming in Sim update 3 but it didn’t.


Let’s have a look at the wording:

Notice that “Spikes on Terrain” is “FIXED”, but “Live Weather” is “Ongoing Improvements” instead i.e. not fixed, but in some way better.

I totally agree with the last part. They should come up with a merge between this forecast from meteoblue and real world METARs.
I was disappointed with the last update almost not changing anything on the weather.


In the current live Q&A the devlopers just said regarding live weather, they are working with Meteoblue to bring a more robust and accurate system but ‘it will take months’

Yeah massively disappointing. I don’t really play the game unless the Live Weather is working.

It’s frustrating because we bought this game or sim or whatever you want to call it as a working piece of software, we didn’t buy into a beta.

It’s like buying a new car but then well you press the gas pedal and it brakes instead, or the window wipers don’t work but hey they will work in the future and they will be the BEST window wipers you’ve ever seen! This just wouldn’t be acceptable that you pay for a product and they don’t deliver or give you a broken product and just expect you to deal with it. Yeah the car looks beautiful, but hey some days it doesn’t even start.

That’s kinda how I feel about MSFS, and I know some people will just say oh you’re salty or butthurt, and in some aspects I think a lot of us are.

Let’s hope they listen to their user base and make good on their promises, but based on their track record I wouldn’t hold your breath.


I agree lets hope!

Did anyone else experience some weird weather last night, where the wind direction was rapidly oscillating? I was on final, close enough to see the windsock, and it was thrashing around like crazy, practically pulling 180’s. I was being thrown from side to side like a rag doll. I had been doing circuits in one place, and it only occurred on one landing.

well, at the moment its a crazy storm out here, but in MSFS is’t just a clear day in the Netherlands…

Looks like the did it again… NO LIVE WEATHER!!!
It’s really annoying… to say the least!!

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