Live weather down November 10th 2023

Yes, once again 1013hpa and clear skies, live weather down

Did a flight ESSA to ESGG. Live weather, and the pressure was 1013 even with metars showing 993. Clouds and visibility looked accurate.

That’s what it was for me too. But now it’s clear skies and 1013hpa. Seems like we’ve lost live weather completely…

I first thought it had to do with a METAR data outtake, but a) the NOAA still has the most recent reports and b) the “fallback” to Meteoblue weather (obviously) doesn’t work. Must be something on Asobo’s/Microsoft’s side…

Also Navigraph gets Metars. So in my opinion definitely on Asobos/MS side

and Live weather on this site is still showing green.

Its fixed now for me

There is a banner up folks. Team is aware and investigating. Thanks!


How many bloody times must this happen before they put in place a fallback option to ensure there are two ways for end users to receive live weather? This is a core component of the simulation!



Out of interest how many times has Live Weather gone down in just this calendar year?


Or maybe if we had at least a historic weather option. Then we could use yesterdays weather or something

Same on Xbox… also down … this is getting really old…

It’s back for me.

Seems to partialy work, reviewed only LGAV, weather seems ok but pressure is wrong.
Should be 1018 at the time of this post and is shown as 1013 standard.

This is a outage, you can’t access any weather other than the presets…historical weather wouldn’t mean anything

The live weather failure coincided with lack of weather on skyvector, noticed that when the weather icons started to come back into Skyvector the weather came back to MSFS as well. So most probably somewhere a missing link (3rd party) and not Asobo/MS. Anyway at the gate at CYUL and all parameters are as expected.

That functionality is not implemented, there is a request for that:

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This seems to be back online, I’m at FL340 between VHHH and VTBS and I have clouds again and TAT and SAT just changed as well as my speed and altitude

So a quick check showed weather data again and it seems to be corresponding with the METARs. So we back up running?