Live weather down today?

Is anybody having live weather problems today? It looks like server problems to me, marketplace is greyed out also!

Seems to be working fine for me.

Werking fine with me today

I don’t think it is working either. Barometer is not setting to real world values and winds don’t appear to be injecting either.

Very strange, are you guys in the UK? I tried shutting down the sim and restarting my computer and its still not working!

check you have a server connection and marketplace working. It may be an issue with needto log out and log back into the xbox app.

Thanks but I tried that also, marketplace is greyed out!

Close flight sim and log out of xbox app on your pc, not in game, thats what has worked for me in the past.

I will give that a try, thanks for your help!

Live weather including snow working just fine for me at LOWI.

I think its an xbox live connection issue for some users, it seems to disconnect on updates, so there is no server connection which means marketplace is greyed out, no live weather nor multiplayer. Only way I found to fix this was to close the sim and log out of the store and xbox live app on my desktop and back in again to reinstate the link.

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That worked, many thanks! The strange thing is I updated last night and it worked fine then!

Just been flying over Socal with no issues regarding weather. The way I seem to be able to get it to work is to load a flight with clear skies selected then in the aircraft go into the weather module and select Live Weather there.

yes its a strange one, previous updates I have had no issues, but the UK update I couldnt figure it out, reinstalled the whole thing, and then figured out it was xbox live. Not had the problem with patch. They should pin something in the forum headers about this.

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Thanks but it worked fine for me until today, hopefully it was just a glitch!

all good here in UK :+1:

EGMC 101220Z 20019KT 9000 -RA BKN020 08/04 Q1008

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Two days without proper live weather. Yesterday we had blizzard conditions at ESSA and clear skies in the sim. The sim didn’t even have snow on the ground. This morning is 200 overcast with fog and light rain - the sim? CAVOK. The only thing that is correct is QNH so something is broken.
I have done two complete re-installs without mods or community content.
Tried starting flight on live weather, tried starting on clear skies and switching to live weather. Not even custom weather works with the exception of wind. No precipitation, no clouds, no fog. I am online, I have logged off and on again. The last re-install I even removed Steam and cleared out the directories. I also tried different servers but no, it’s clear skies.

Edit: Live traffic works.


Did you try logging out of Xbox live and logging back in with the sim closed? @PowderyMilk889 suggested that and it worked for me! Is your marketplace greyed out?

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Check that you actually have connected to the servers (top right) if it just shows rotating and does not tell you the server you are connected to then you will not get live weather/multiplayer/marketplace. As Big says, its an xbox live appconnection issue I believe. Do not just log out of it via MSFS menus, close MSFS 2020 and log out of both your store page account and xboxlive app completely on desktop, then log back in. If that is not the issue check that you obviously have live weather ticked in options and that you have actually connected in the options (yea I know why would that change, but it did it to me on the update where it reset everything so worth checking).

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Nope, marketplace works just fine. Logged out from the sim but will give your suggestion a go. THX!