Live weather got to go

OK, I have been able to put up with a lot of issues, I am happy with the sim and understand it is the beginning.

But…the live weather system needs to be disbanded or fixed. IF it is based on predictions then its pointless.

Absolutely glorious day here and my home airport 5 km away is complete overcast, rain and clouds break at 7000.

I guess we will be forced to get Active Sky if it is ever developed and GTN750 whenever that hits the sim.

So far default selling points such as weather and navigation don’t live up to basic functionality.

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Turn it off and load your own weather settings?

Thats what I was hope I would not have to with a weather system that works, right?

But see that’s not the way it is supposed to be, according to the PR campaign. To say it’s gonna have live weather injected into it then have the end user pay out more to have what they said they would within the simulation itself sounds like the old shell game. Not saying that’s their plan (highly doubt it) I’d still like to hope they’ll give us all they promised. Just looks like it’s gonna take some time though. Now if a customer wants to go even further with stuff like REX has to offer, hey, I’m game for that but the core operations of having “non-buggy” live weather faithfully represented should be one of the core features functioning in the sim without third party embellishments.

When I fly around northern Germany, I’ve always had very plausible weather, at worst the weather from about an hour ago which was close enough for me. Maybe, like the wind data, it works better in Europe currently. That doesn’t do you much good right now (assuming you’re not in Europe) but it tells me the system generally works, likely there’s just a problem getting the current weather.

(Oh, that said, I had non-“225 at 3” winds in a flight within Canada yesterday. Feels to me like they’re working on it.)