Live Weather - How is it "meant" to work (in more detail)

There are Multiple long thread on the forum, as users struggle to understand Real Weather, and why sometimes it works and other times it does not.
Most seem to be guessing or assuming how it is designed to work.

Please can we have a more detailed explanation on how Real Weather is “designed” to work, and how the data gets from Metro-Blue to our computers, so problems, errors and perceived incorrect operation can be put into context, and we can better understand, when ASOBO reports changes & fixes.

Watch the Feature Disovery Series on YouTube.

That was more a marketing video than a technical explanation of things like: is the weather constantly updated or does it only match real world weather twice a day?
The weather in the game is advertised as ‘live weather’, however, very often the weather does not match the current real world weather. How is that possible? Would be nice to hear from them what they actually mean with live weather.

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Remember – this was back in Oct 28, 2019 – over 1/2 a year ago.

Those are all existing discussions you need to search for. Q&A is about as official and detailed as it gets unless you contact the devs directly.

Yes so it would be nice to hear from them during the q&a. No marketing BS, just explain what live weather really is

Maybe “live weather” IS “Marketing BS”, and you can’t get one without the other.

Until users are told how “Live Weather” is meant to work, there will always be wild guesses and speculation about what it really is, within MSFS.

I would hold out more hope getting a plausible technical answer in the SDK Q&A, but unfortunately, it would seem there will be no “Real Weather” SDK !!

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Forecasted weather is NOT live weather. Half of the time the forecasted weather is not even correct. Would love to hear them explain what their definition of live weather is and how their forecasted weather is actually supposed to work. It doesn’t work like their marketing video claims that is for sure. “Oh, you can look outside and you will have the same weather in-game” Yea Right! :confused:

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