Live weather issue ? or I'm doing something wrong

Decided to test the live weather feature and went to fly at KLCH (very close to hurricane Laura), the actual METAR reports 2 1/2 visibility, Heavy rain, and mist and some gusty winds up to 56 knots.
Upon starting the sim i got some mixed performance : The winds indeed were almost from the same direction and only a few knots off (58kts), however no low visibility or heavy rain was present.

Is that weather up to date ? or where exactly they take it from ? Or there is a delay ?
Does anyone tried that before ?

Thank you.

Well if you scroll down a bit, you might find several threads already addressing this. You will find more than one answer there…

I’m with you! I tried it a couple hours before you did, taking off from Lake Charles Regional Airport and heading towards Cancun. Again, with live weather turned on. All I got a was a partly cloudy sky but mostly clear! I could even see the stars! Very strange!!!

NOTE: To the best of my knowledge I had data, traffic and live weather enabled. I did see what I believe were human players flying in the area. I had some wind, easily flew hands-off much of the time in the 152. I believe I should have observed “live” weather. Is it possible this is a case of user error? Yes. I do not believe so however.

I landed not too long ago at Lake Charles in my 152. Moon and stars clearly visible. On my iPad, it showed at that time the eye nearly there. I was expecting some heavy **** on the ground.