Live weather keeps changing to clear skies in game and in world map

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Even though my online functionality is ON and I have good internet connection and ping the live weather keeps changing to clear skies when I start a flight and in world map it changes to clear skies.
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MSFS messed up
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2070 , i7
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SIM UPDATE 5, with hotfix
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A friend and I are both suffering from this issue as well.

Repo Steps:

  1. At some point join a group (doesn’t matter who you join with)

  2. Be the last person to leave the group, and/or crash to desktop, or deliberately quit to desktop

    later on;

  3. Setup a flight

  4. Change your weather in the sim to any preset - At this point, your weather will change for 3 to 4 seconds before resetting to clear time


  5. Select your weather in the flight planner

  6. Close the ‘Flight Conditions’ window, then re-open it or launch the sim

  7. See that weather has reset to ‘Clear Skies’

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I have been dealing with the same freaking issue for over a week now, super frustrating. I don’t know what else to do…

The only thing we’ve found that works is to join a group with someone, then quit out of the group gracefully.

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I just had the same problem and joining and leaving a new group seems to work for me.
Thanks Nyx1819!

Edit: it worked for me but got my friend in trouble. A little trial and error (read: regroup, leave group, regroup, leave group) got us both out of trouble eventually. Also put your weather and time on live before leaving the group.

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Yea true so anoyingg

I am having an issue since the update, no matter what time of the day or weather I set up, the sim forces it back to 3:46 A.M and Snow weather settings. I have multiplayer OFF, Traffic OFF, even when setting up custom weather, it reverts back to 3:46 AM and Snow within seconds.
I went to the App settings, clicked Repair, Reset, etc. I am at a loss, any idea?

I tried a few different things, and it seems that when I turn online functionality OFF from the Data screen, I can change Time of Day and weather preset in free mode. This is super frustrating…


I moved your issue into the #bugs-and-issues:weather category.
I can not help you with your issue unfortunately.

Leave data on when selecting your flight, choose the weather box in the upper right corner and make sure that the top selection Theres 3 live players group and off, if you have the 1st one selected you cant make changes, if you have 2 or 3 selected you’ll be able to change weather.

Make sure to turn you multiplayer and such on just make sure its select 2 or 3 and you should be goood.

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Having the same issue. My local time keeps getting forced to live weather but almost two days in the past. This has been going on now for a couple of days.


FIXED – Had a friend create a group, joined that group, had them change the time to Live flew around a bit and then I left the group before exiting to menu. Once in the menu I was back to the correct live time and was able to successfully change and hold any time. The day in game though is 1 ahead, Currently August 9 but game is set to August 10, but time is correct which is interesting.

Anyway, hope this helps.

Same issue just now. I can set to preset clear sky in the flight planning menu just fine. If I click live weather, in sim, from the Toolbar it stays stuck in live weather. On restart, I am able to toggle weather fine. Must be some particular steps require to reproduce.

Same issue here. Time always stucks to live. I only can change the time, if I deactivate the online features in the options menu.

I tried also to deactivate multiplayer, traffic and weather- it does not work.

thanks for the feedback. So yes it appears that I had left a group flight and was “stuck” at the time/weather condition set by the group owner. This sounds like a bug to me.
I was able to get things back to normal after joining another group flight and leaving the group properly.

Unable to reproduce.