Live weather: overcast cloud non-existent or not accurately depicted

Live weather still seems incapable of drawing overcast in certain situations, take for this example now at EFRO with Metar report of OVC001:

This was also reported many times since SU7:

To add further to this over my time testing SU7 we have come to the following conclusion with the clouds:

  • Not only is low overcast around -500ft never rendered correctly (sometimes not at all), it seems overcast in general is not rendered correctly a lot of the time
  • Towering cumulus clouds too excessive and often drawn when cloud should be stratus or other types
  • It feels like often the meteoblue weather and metar are not syncing together correctly, sometimes meteoblue seems non-existent or like the data is not being drawn correctly

Updated 29 December:

Over the past week some depictions of overcast have been depicted quite well in the sim, but it is still too inconsistent and often not depicted accurately. By not depicted accurately we have observed the following:

  • what looks overcast from high above breaks apart as you fly towards it or when below it.
    -Often overcast is not a full overcast depiction and is displayed as around 75% broken coverage with many areas of cloud towering up where the conditions do not call for this (no CB or TCU in metar and no convection in area based on available data on meteoblue, Windy etc)
  • overcast still sometimes not drawn at all, only few clouds instead

Same -

This was yesterday at KORD
Weather was supposed to be 300ft OVC (~900ft MSL). I was able to see the runway around 1500MSL. The OVC layer wasn’t really OVC at all.


Yeah, it seems it can’t depict those lower overcast layers, sort of anywhere between 500ft overcast it can’t depict correctly.

I’ve been testing few days now and seen this happen in multiple airports. I believe I have seen same with OVC005 or OVC006 too.

Few pics from EFRO:
Night shot with OVC001 and stars visible (forum resizes pics so stars are not properly visible)

Second one where time is changed to day, marked where fog line goes and above that it’s clear sky.

Stars are better visible here:


I live very near KMTN.

Current RW Metar for KMNT says Few020 BRK090

I do NOT see any Few020 outside, but defiantly see BRK090

MSFS Real Weather is depicting close to what the Metar is saying, less the Few020, which is closer to the actual Outside weather than the Metar !!

SO, in this case , LOOKS good to me !!

Hey thanks for sharing those pics. So yes it seems indeed it has a hard time rendering overcast at the very low altitude, sort of anywhere below 500ft it seems

Seems to be at least to 1000ft

METAR EFIV 061750Z AUTO 25013KT 9000 -SHSN OVC010 M15/M17 Q1022=

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Ahh yes it does indeed!

Strange because I’ve tried a couple of other areas earlier today, and it did depict overcast nicely for example at 700ft.

So I wonder why sometimes it is ok and other times not

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Always the question with MSFS!


The high level overcast I have now is absolutely stunning:


I hope they will fix this before the release :slight_smile:


Maybe they set a lower limit for overcast because it can’t be overcast together with the fog? Also hope they fix this before release.

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I agree. The clouds so far have greatly improved for me. And they seem to stay more opaque when flying through them.

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Something similar about these screenshots in this thread is that visibility is less than 9999.
It’s getting late but I’ll test more on tomorrow with low ovc ceiling but 9999 VIS

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Good spot, will try some airports with good vis and low overcast also

Here is KSEA that actually does have some mist and low vis, but it has the Overcast layer at 400 drawn perfectly…

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EHKD with 9999 VIS, looks perfect

EHLW with 7000 VIS, also perfect

So it’s not about the visibility then

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Okay, so at least we can rule that out.

I noticed where I first tested EFRO, has now been CAVOK for around 2 hours now, I wonder if Meteoblue had it forecast to go clear earlier, but the METAR said overcast so maybe because they don’t ‘agree’ with each other fully then we get this odd depiction?


Here is an example of one that looks a little strange:

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Here’s again one of the Finnish airports, EFKI. Doesn’t look like OVC to me (it could be because it’s AUTO metar and if wide cloud is top of the ceilometer)

Meteoblue forecast shows pretty much cloudy all day for tomorrow to Kajaani

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