Live weather randomly not working? Fix?


I have heard about some having this issue and have done some research myself but have not found anything that states a clear fix.

My problem is live weather all of a sudden is not working. I choose live weather for my local airport (cloudy/rain). The mini weather preview window shows clouds and rain. Once I load into game it is clear skies and sunny.

Before I could turn live weather on, it was accurate with the live weather where I ever I was flying and would also change as I flew depending on the weather where I was flying.

One thing I am going to try when I fly today is choosing the preset clear skies-load into the airport- once in game, open weather menu and choose live.

Some report doing that fixes the issue and makes the live weather work. I’ll report back when I test.

In the meantime, I was curious what others have done to get their live weather to work again.

Note- this was random and not after any patch or update. Also using steam version.


Found a fix. Like mentioned above, select clear skies preset while selecting everything on the Map.
Load into sim.
Once in sim open weather menu and select live weather from the drop down. Wait a few seconds and the weather should become accurate to real life.