Live weather...stone dead and totally innacurate

Just checked metar at LFPO…Paris Orly. 250 @9kts however, FS2020…012@4kts

I understand that if you are flying VFR on a casual flight it makes little difference. If you are flying IFR however, it makes a lot of difference, especially if you are flyimg with P2A or Vatsim.

Ever since launch, the devs have told us they are going to fix this and will not open the weather system up to people who know what they are doing. MeteoBlu say they provide accurate information to the devs. Someone is either not telling the truth or alternatively cannot accurately use the data they are providing/given.

Promise, promises, promises…that is all we get.

I admit that the weather in FS2020 looks fantastic but, sadly, it is fictitious. It has no resemblance to real world ‘live’ weather.

My question to MS/Asobo is a simple one: When are you going to fix it or, if you are not going to fix it, be honest with us and we can make alternative arrangements.

I love so much about this program and FS2020 could be so great but honestly, presently, it just feels like what it probably is right now…an XBox game.

I hope it matures and turns into a real simulator.


There are a lot of things that need working on with this game, they will get around to it eventually.

Eventually? It’s been wrong since launch.

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There have also been a lot of different issues that have been wrong since launch, msfs is a huge sim, things take time i’m afraid, i understand its very frustrating, but theres not really anything we can do to speed it up.

You did not listen to the last Q@A, they had meeting with MeteoBlue and explain current situation, and these change take time to get to prime time, there will be change. Meteoblue never worked with flightsim before. There was already post on weather, using search and the roadmap for progress.