Live weather stops injecting after a certain duration flown / certain time flown

Yes I have the same problem especially on weekends. The Solution is maybe to turn Multiplayer off?

I have it almost every single fllight. Live weather shows wind and pressure correctly but no clouds.
HOwever just since a few days each flight is ok. It might have been restoration of the server outage earlier this week that solved it, it might be my clicking on ‘airport activity’ (or similar) right above the ‘Fly’ button. But I have had 2 correct flights now and am hoping for a third one so I can confirm the improvement.

I have a feeling that this problem is somewhat location based. For example, if I am flying from somewhere it might be completely clear skies for a hundred miles either way, but near the destination there are more realistic clouds, including the situs/stratus type clouds at high altitude. If I decide to visit the place where there was no clouds a couple of days later, it is still completely and unrealistically clear skies.

Hopefully to clarify things here—most cases of these injection failures are not caused by connectivity issues to the server / IPv6. This relates more with an issue with the simulator trying to load in live weather tiles into memory. Apparently if the world tiles loading process is slower for your configuration (e.g. you use a higher level-of-detail) or your system is low on free memory available, live weather injection becomes substantially likely to be skipped for the rest of the flight session.

I’m beginning to see a consistent correlation with when live weather stops injection with a bloated memory usage for the sim. Perhaps someone can help by timing their memory usage statistics and noting them when live weather stops injecting.

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thnx to this i can remember and confirm - no any of your mentioned. Very same as other reported, after 1hr cca and on FL320 to me. My quick look to RAM, GTX mem, no problems and more than half of capacity free.

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