Live weather stuck on data from 16th May

The snow coverage data comes from Meteoblue as well. You can use their snow coverage map to see where there should be snow and how much.
I have a suspicion though that it uses the coarsest global coverage data instead of the more local, precise one.
You can see what happens if you zoom out this far: Wetterkarten - meteoblue

The entire area seems to be covered in snow. However if you zoom in close enough

You get where there is supposed to be snow.

Live weather is still stuck for me after SU4. Still same thunderstorms in my area in the sim even though it’s a nice calm sunny day IRL. I checked other locations too and the Wx doesn’t match reality, so I don’t see any evidence that SU4 fixed the problem.

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Same story as before with the trick I used to do by changing the PC time.

KBDN 252110Z AUTO 35009KT 10SM FEW044 BKN065 BKN085 15/04 A3009 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT E AND W

Using current time and live weather at KBDN gives clear skies:

Change my PC time to 17:30z then back to current time and hey presto what is shoudl look like:

If I change my PC time back then the live weather reverts back, too. This is not a solution

Nope it certainly isn’t, only the devs can give us that which they’ve failed to do for months.

@OlieTsubasa443 why is the forecasted weather for the next day being loaded around 2000z each day? This needs to be fixed! So tired of hearing how they ‘fixed’ things when they didn’t


As of this moment

Coincides with the forecast satellite image for tomorrow at 08:00z

Is that temporary or does it completely fix it?
You say you simply changed your PC time to make weather change ?

I didn’t have enough time to test it, but going off when this has happened before I’d say only temporary and it needs addressing by asobo.

While the weather doesn’t seem to be “stuck” anymore, the bug with the weather loading 12 hours in advance at around 2000Z or so is still present.

Seems necessary! Thanks.

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I experienced the „2000z bug“ myself but am wondering if this only happens if you start the sim after said time. When I started a session at around 1800z and was online in the very same until about 2300z, I didn’t see the weather changing at 2000z.

Can anyone give some insides on this, in case you tested it or made any other observations?

Here’s a video of the conditions changing in-game:

It seems to be a slow process and not necessarily noticeable if the conditions don’t change drastically - so I would guess.

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I’ve experienced it ‘transition’ in-game many times around 20:00z, however the transition can be quite slow so not always noticable unless you’re looking for it.

The 20:00Z bug transition is only affecting two things from what I can tell… clouds and precipitation.

Lightning, wind direction/speed, temperature are all accurate even after the 20Z transition, but clouds and precip appear to be pulling data from either future or past. Important here is lightning, because the system is accurate about showing lightning, but not clouds/precip, this is why I think so many are reporting lightning in strange light cloud or no cloud coverage.

If this can be fixed I think we will be happy!

Yes that’s correct. The ground winds, temperature and pressure are taken from METAR source and they continue to be correct post-20:00z. Anything else becomes incorrect.

The winds, pressure and temperature are only accurate near weather reporting airports (METAR stations). The future weather that comes from Meteoblue still contains temp, pressure and winds for everywhere else which is why you can experience sudden wind and pressure changes flying into and out of METAR weather areas.

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Thanks for the explanations. But that is not correct. Only the mountains around the valley are covered in snow according to these maps, not the airport itself being in the valley.

snow coverage is a mess.

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My date stuck in 26August, can’t get rid of live weather, map freezes, bunch of things started acting weird?