Live weather too tame since SU5?

I just did a flight out of Cebu, Philippines. Live time, live weather.

We have been having thunderstorms all day outside. But in game live weather displays some unmotivated low level cumuli.

Before SU5, I would get awesome live weather. Big thick clouds which gave a feeling of “real”. Now it feels completely tamed.

Is anyone else experiencing something similar with live weather?

Have you tried adjusting your volumetric cloud settings?

I have them on ultra. Any other settings that I missed?

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I tried flying live weather from Liverpool to the Isle of Mann on Sunday. My Cesna was tossed around like a toy. Ended up turning back when the aircraft kept stalling due to the headwind. Eventually I crashed after 3 attempts at landing. I was literally frightened by the experience. Awesome simulation… so no the live weather feels right !


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Now THAT’s simming! Sounds like you had a great experience for sure!

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That’s because we don’t have live weather. It is forecasted weather. The forecast for your area was probably just wrong for that period of time.


I flew out of a small airstrip in Iceland at the weekend, had to have full rudder to stay straight and the turbulence coming off the edges of the fjord actually over stressed the plane to the point it triggered the “you have died” screen.

It’s working well for me and there were lot of threads in regards of Hurricane Ida recently, so there is no general issue at least.

Ok. Well, the local area here might not be well covered with enough weather stations to create a comprehensive picture of what’s going on in the atmosphere. That’s possible.

I just remember many moons ago, I had some awesome (terrible, realistic) weather that actually made VFR flight impossible. That was so immersive, challenging and felt real.

Now it just feels like weather used to feel in older flight sims. Basically always VFR unless they just overlayed a grey fog mask without transparency (minus the overlay in MSFS, of course).

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Sometimes it can be difficult for weather models to forecast areas of thunderstorms and the timing. Then also the forecast may be a little less accurate for some areas of the world if those areas don’t send up enough balloons to sample the atmosphere in order to plug in new data. Here in the states the forecasts are usally pretty good since they are constantly sending up balloons to sample the atmosphere especially along our western coast. Even still I rarely get accurate dipiction of convective systems on a local scale when I am flying. Sometimes larger mesoscale systems are forecasted generally well but smaller cell type thunderstorms are rarely forecasted well. They are either not in the correct location or not at the correct time. Thats the big problem with trying to deliver a live weather system for a simulator using a forecast model.

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Sim weather can be great as long as you don’t compare it to actual real world conditions in those locations. Since the sim uses forecasted weather, you can only expect it to be as accurate as weather forecasts are - 75% right, 50% of the time. lol

I’m not defending this, as we SHOULD be able to use METAR and real world weather services and see reasonably matching weather in the sim. But that’s not the way it currently work, unfortunately. It’s a rather poor, disconnected system IMHO. They can’t even get the weather on the world map to match what’s happening in the sim.


Just our of curiosity, would you suggest a flight sim that does it better?

Others rely on 3rd party tools. Their weather APIs are open to external devsnto do with as they wish.

MSFS weather system isn’t accessible. Yes you can inject presets with tools like Unreal Weather and REX. And they will match real weather and METAR, but the weather and transitions between areas doesn’t look or feel natural.

MS doesn’t want to open their weather engine up insisting they can do it better. They’ve yet to deliver on it though. When it works, it’s amazing. But it needs a lot of work.


XP12 is implementing numerical forecast model weather. My hope is that they do it well, and this kicks Microsobo in the butt, spurring them into action on improving the weather system. Competition is a good thing.


I’m not sure any other simulator does it better. It’s more about what your preference is. A lot of people know I have no issue bashing Microsobo but if you like the weather model and how it evolves, tranistions, and is dynamic, no other simulator comes close to replicating that (as far as I know) If you want weather that is accurate on a more local level and real life real time based on Metar then X-Plane would probably be what you choose. But there is absolutely nothing dynamic about X-Plane’s weather. I actually prefer MSFS weather system. I just wish we could have the best of both worlds, however may be somewhat unlikely and unachievable.

Yes but the general feeling of what X-Plane is trying to do is almost a carbon copy of what MSFS is trying to achieve from what I understood from the presentation. Maybe I missed something when I took a hit of acid but that’s the impression I got. I’ve always wondered if they could use real time radar, satellite, and other maps to generate weather. These days anything is possible I wish they would look into a weather system that would use those ideas.

Yeah, they’re playing catch up for sure. I hope they’re taking note of the train wreck that Live Weather has been and thinking to themselves, “hey, we can do that better.” Microsobo sees their implementation, and then they are the ones playing catch up.

XP12 will use the GFS model, so will be interesting to see how well it performs compared to Meteoblue’s.

We’re going to need a third party in here to get radar data in the sim, but it could definitely be done. The only way I see that happening on the Microsoft Flight Simulator side is if they license the platform out to a big aviation partner like Boeing, Lockheed, or Textron for training purposes. Jorg mention that as a possibility, but I don’t think it’s in the cards for them to open this up to third party add-on developers unless they do a complete 180 on their current course.

I think the GFS is good for North America but not sure about the rest of the world. The European model (ECMWF) is a really good model too. Actually the European model has been doing a better job of forecasts even for over here in North America the past couple years. They seem to have done a better job of forecasting hurricanes and low pressure systems in particular.

The weather is incredibly realistic in appearance and behaviour. I like being able to see a storm forming 75 miles ahead of me and it still be there by the time I get there, things moving, clouds dispersing, etc. It’s amazing. It may not actually match the real world weather reports and METARs for that area, but it still looks and feels incredible.

None of the 3rd party weather injection tools can do that. By the time you leave a “zone”, weather completely changes up. It’s not realistic in the slightest IMHO, even though the weather is technically correct for that area.

There are a few key things they really need to do:

  • Make the weather less long range forecast based and more in line with real world current weather.
  • Once that’s done, sync up world map, ATIS, and ATC to in-sim weather.

If they could get that, it’s would be 90% of the way to unbeatable perfection.