Live weather too tame since SU5?

For that they would want to use the RAP model. Believe it goes out 18 hours and is re-run every hour. It only covers North America though and I have no idea whether other regions have any kind of equivilent.

It depends on what MeteoBleu offers as their forecasting service. Really, it needs to be either weather REPORTING, or short term forecast used in the sim. This current 12+ hour old forecast model clearly isn’t working very well.

That and the fact that the world map weather doesn’t match in-sim weather at all. And ATC and ATIS are based on the conditions you have reported on the world map.

This is why players will be assigned departure and arrival active runways that are totally wrong for the in-sim conditions. We get those based on the world map conditions. AI planes, however, are assigned runways based on actual in-sim conditions which are different. That’s just messed up and so inconsistent. I can’t even imagine what kind of spaghetti code they have wiring all that together.


Hit the nail on the head.

The weather visuals are stunning and realistic. Everything else around the weather is kind of bad… Kind of like the rest of the sim. Visually stunning, but flight models, avionics, systems, physics, etc aren’t quite up to the same level.


I have flown X-Plane in the last days and had 142 knots headwind from Hornafjordur to Scotland. I was in a 737 that could handle it but there was something big brewing up there, and flying a Cessna was probably akin to a death wish. If the same happened in MSFS it was real.

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Sounds like the jetstream, I’m pretty sure no airline would plan that

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Just departed Melbourne, Australia in the Baron, on a route around the Pacific, heading for Northern BC, Canada. Weather was bang on for what the reports were. Early morning departure in pouring rain, windy and bumpy. I’ll be passing thru the Philippines late Wednesday and thru most of Thursday. I will update when I see the weather.

Asobo is a game development studio. As such, they literally had no previous understanding of meteo and all the other disciplines required to be knowledgeable of to produce a flight simulator.


Meanwhile, me who’s flying around Asia-pacific 90% of the time… :neutral_face:

Yea I don’t think there is one good model for the entire world. Each one is better in different regions and the higher resolution shorter term models are even more region specific. Not really any good answer for those who want the true real time weather other than the static metar for now. If you don’t mind the somewhat inaccurate forecasted weather then this is not really an issue.

Like I’ve brought up several times I wonder if there could be a way to inject radar and satellite imagery for the weather depiction in sim. I don’t think it would be possible in any way they do it now since they are taking raw alphanumeric data from these models and would probably need to develop some kind of AI to read radar and satellite images to do what I suggest.

Ehh, I think it’s fine… As long as I’m not seeing the same weather everywhere I’m happy… Going back and forth and trying to compare what the sim’s weather is doing and then comparing it with the real world data, is a lot of energy spent and end up not satisfied with it anyway if there’s even one thing that’s inaccurate.

I don’t really care about the accuracy since I spent my time flying in areas that I’m not currently at anyway, and being upset with how inaccurate it is would actually take me away from enjoying flying into what I’m currently getting at the moment. Otherwise I would be too busy going out of the sim, comparing with real time data from a meteorlogical data source, then doing comparison, picking a few faults, wrong wind, wrong clouds, etc. That’s just a recipe for being upset, then I don’t enjoy the flight, etc etc… So I’m just happy it loads “a weather” from online with whatever data they have.

I’m not really a pilot or a meteorologist, so I don’t really mind whatever it’s doing right now.

I’ll be interested to hear your weather report of the Philippines.

I just did a flight Cebu - Panglao - Siquijor - Dumaguete on “Storm” weather preset. Was beautiful, immersive and demanding. No NAVAIDs except Little Navmap, the G1000 and the VOR into Dumaguete. Zero vis into Siquijor and Dumaguete, made me sweat. That’s how I love it!

Out of Panglao

Enroute Panglao - Siquijor

Weather is fine except when Thor shows up which is about 80% of the time.

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Man these clouds look aweful :smiley:

That’s not live weather and not what I was referring to in my original post. But yes, clouds still look good.

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For the most part, I agree with your entire post. The weather is realistic looking and acting and dynamically changes as you fly around. Most of the time, I’m perfectly fine with that aspect of it. I wish ATC / ATIS used the actual conditions vs using what was reported in the world map (which typically doesn’t match in-sim weather) in the sim to assign runways though and wish ATIS would report actual conditions, but for the most part, it’s still pleasant.

Where it’s a problem is when you’re flying on Vatsim or other live ATC networks, and being assigned runways that don’t match conditions because your MSFS forecast is completely out to lunch.

I find live weather wasn’t accurate after SU5, but WU6 brought in some changes and made everything look nicer. My only problem is, sometimes clouds are too dark to the point where they look like grey-blue. That happened yesterday in London. IRL it was overcast, and the base of the clouds were white outside. In the game however, they’re represented as a darker blue colour than they would be. I don’t think that’s realistic tbh.

This would be entirely realistic depending on the thickness of the overcast. It is nearly impossible for the sim to know the moisture content of the clouds over your house. Thin overcast will still give you a sun burn, while a heavy overcast can make it seem like dusk. In the sim the cloud thickness will be estimated based on current temperature, lapse rate, dew point, humidity. Also any additional cloud layers above the overcast will have an effect on the amount on light falling on the tops and thus the amount of light visible from underneath.

Out of RMPR enroute to Manila. 1:51:08 UTC

Nice now but thunderstorms forecast enroute.

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