Live weather updates not working


I’m using SU9, Win 11. Anyone else having issues with live weather?

I’ve got clear sky’s and no wind.

Is it a result of the new update coming? I’ve tried numerous restarts of Sim and PC, setting weather to a preset in the Sim then back to live, but nothing seems to get live weather working.

Anyone any ideas how to resolve this issue.

Many thanks.


I experienced the same on my flight this morning.
Online Servies Monitor here in this forum sais everything working normally…
I’m quite sure everything will be okay after the launch of SU10! :slight_smile:
rgrds, Benni

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same in du10 beta, No weather…lets hope they are fixing the many issues it has…

Hi there,

Since it looks like you are asking for feedback from the community, I have moved your topic to Community Support.

In the future, when creating topics in Bug Reports, please do not delete the bug template. It is there for a reason, and it should be filled out by the person logging the bug report.

Thank you for the report and I hope the launch of SU10 fixes the issue.


Try turning off Developer mode. Weather works then.