Live Weather User Interface improvement suggestions

Most of us know how to circumvent the LW bug by entering with the Clear Skies preset and calling LW within the sim. It works most of the time but is not entirely satisfying because of the lack of information.

These are the User Interface improvements I’d very much welcome :

  • The LW settings table which is greyed out, should recapitulate the weather parameters. When there is no ATIS or windsock, there is no way to know anything except the atmospheric pressure with the B key and the wind direction/strength if you fly with a Garmin.

  • The LW should be editable. For instance, the weather engine is far too generous with lightnings when there is some stormy condition. Flying in SE Asia and Oceania these days is a lightning fest even when there are two or three farts of a cloud. To switch off the lightning parameter would be very nice.

  • Ability to save the LW, the save icon is nowadays greyed out

  • Ability to select the weather over the last 24 h. LW is only local time. If t is night where I want to fly and I push the slider to daylight I still have the night weather Not very satisfactory for a sim which is proud to simulate air dynamics over relief including slopes.

  • There should a table listing the forecasted weather along the route to select the most favorable wind layers for instance

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