Live weather works, but only during first flight

I searched but didn’t find anyone mentioning this. When I start the sim and choose live weather that works perfectly fine. But if I land, go back to main menu and then start another flight, also with live weather, I always get clear skies. The only way I can get live weather working again is by restarting the sim. Anyone else having this problem?


That seems to be the norm, restart sim between flights. Been that way for me from the get-go.

It was like that (most of the time) before the patch and appears to be the same again. The patch didn’t really fix anything.

And the wind at about 3 knots from roughly 255 on the PFD is still an issue on subsequent flights. Seems to work fine on the first, but then reverts to stupid on subsequent ones.

Curious if you guys just updated vs. uninstall - reinstall. I did the latter and have flown multiple legs back to back today with live WX working in each flight. Food for thought…

For me it’s been working on every flight so far

I did an uninstall / reinstall due to another horrid issue the patch caused. After doing that, I got the result as per my last post above.

Works for me, too. Complete with the bumping around you would expect with 78 knots of wind!

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Works fine for me as well.

I had this same problem during the first week or two after launch, but it has been working for every flight for the past week or more. I know that running as administrator doesn’t seem to work for everyone, but it did for me. (Actually, I’m still running as admin.)


Sry but you need read more posts or find again :slight_smile:

I’ve created my post about functionality (it works now perfectly) and also in Patch topic.

eeeeh now I got something important for you guys!!! After going to Main menu and create another flight, check carefully again weather option because sometimes is set between flights to clear weather and not to live weather :slight_smile:

I am definitely not seeing 3kn/255 anymore, regardless of how many flights I take. I have been playing OnAir Company and doing several multi-hop runs that force me to go back into Main Menu and create flight plans between each hop. I’m seeing different wind on every run…although every now & then my G1000 says “No Wind Data” as of the patch.

In that case, lets make every flight, our first flight! Butterflies, flowers, and acid!

I’m on my second flight since I got home from work. First one was breezy and clear skies, as it is here today. Had a 15kt wind from 320 for that flight.

Now I’m looking at 253 / 4 kts while flying at FL030… And the weather on my route is totally overcast whereas it’s completely clear here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting it’s accurate…because it certainly isn’t. But I thought you were suggesting the 3 KN wind bug never got addressed. It did. It’s just different issues now.

there is no life weather after last patch update

Actually, it’s working for me now, sort of. After each flight the weather is set to preset, so if I want live weather I have to manually switch to that BEFORE each flight. For me, switching to live weather during a flight never work

Then this is non sense situation.

If your live weather works, then in flight can change it again on upper bar without problems, after f.ex. test with Clear/Cloudy,… Again, after more tests Preset sometimes set Clear weather after have live weather. There are more bugs than we can imagine.