LIVERIES and seeing other planes

As we are able to cover our aircraft with various liveries, I am surprised that others cannot see the variations we pick for ours, or indeed the type of aircraft we have selected. So when flying in multi-groups, or with just one other, the plane they see is not the one selected by you or in the chosen livery. Can I ask why this is, and if there is something in settings that allow it?

very logical this, say i fly with my spitfire, but you dont have one, so you wont see it and a a generic non spit model is put in place. ther eis a generic /om off setting yes., but as long as you dont have that model/liverie , you cannot see it.

Yes you can see other people’s liveries and other people can see your liveries. you just need to have the exact same environment to fly in. That means, you need to have the exact same liveries with the exact same livery structure coming from the exact same source as your friends, and vice versa. Take a look at this group flight I did with my friend.

I pick the Indonesian Presidential aircraft livery, my friend is using the Royal Thai Air Force livery.

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Which is kind of a stupid system. I think a simpler solution would be to “broadcast” the icao_airline in the aircraft.cfg to other players. So if i use a livery with icao_airline = “ANA” the game should send it out and a player with a matching icao_airline could see his own ANA livery.

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That’s what I meant. The problem is, most livery creators are only good at drawing the livery, but not a lot of them are good at structuring the aircraft.cfg. Just because you downloaded the ANA livery, chances are the livery creator forgot to put icao_airline=“ANA” on them.

You have no idea how many times I have to “correct” the livery creators mistakes in their aircraft.cfg to standardise them into a common structure that can be used across my livery library for AI traffic and stuff.

The last time I couldn’t see my friends’ livery and vice versa was because I’m using a “corrected” aircraft.cfg livery, while my friend was using it straight from when he downloaded it with the wrong or missing icao_code. That’s why to simplify, I had to use the “wrong” livery structure, to get both of us to see each other’s liveries.

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Yes, there REALLY needs to be a way to push through models and liveries, even if they’re low res. AND it’s advertising for the marketplace. Win Win all around:

For me a problem could be the huge variety of models. At the end i would sit at Heathrow and get blasted with helicopters, fighter jets and ancient planes. Multiplayer becomes even more arcade than it already is.

Then maybe consider turning that traffic off. I can see once Xbox crossplay is active, there are going to be a lot more aircraft buzzing around. Private Groups will probably help a lot.

Personally, I can’t imagine anything worse than seeing aircraft that are not depicted as the aircraft people are using, as it is now. After a few months the unruly will move on and we’ll have a decent sim platform.

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