Liveries have reverse decal

Hi guys, I have downloaded v7 of megapack. But all 747 liveries have reverse decal problem. one side of them is correct but other side is like mirrored. Do you have the same problem? Am I doing something wrong?

same here …

same something is causing the image on that side of body to be reversed (there is one main body)

I have a feeling something in the cfg has to be set to have it mirror image.

looking around in settings in that folder will compare to the one in main game for default.

It’s a known issue I believe. They need the tools to be release by MS to fix.

I’m not sure the tools will help, based on what I know from skinning vehicles in other games, it is most likely down to the UVmapping of the model, if that is the case the only way to fix it would be to replace the game model with a custom one.

Time will tell I guess. :worried:

tools won’t fix it, they need to fix the model.

They made beginner mistakes while doing the UVs. I thought the A320 were bad, but 747 beats that * infinite.
At this point, the best thing would be to do the “HULLS”+Livery UVs new.I would offer to do the UVs to Asobo or MS :wink: a model like this takes maybe 3-4hours to unwrap so the UVS are usefull.
They said they wan’t to bring liveries at a later state if I recall correctly. At that point they will realize how big of a mess they did with the 747.
I’m currently working on a Livery for the 747 as you can see you have to make crazy angels to do a straight line, even then they still get curvy or do crazy things.

Ouch. Yeah those look bad.

which is why I decided to stop trying to do a livery which will look mehh
I hope they update the model and keep in mind that they also wanted to add liveries :slight_smile: because it’s even worse than what you can see on my image, thats just a small portion of whats bad.

A very interesting mistake.

has it been fixed or still exists?

Asobo might not class it as a bug because their liveries are fine mirrored. It’s possible they will never change it unless they run into an issue themselves. It’ll certainly be low on their list.

The only thing modders could do is replace the UVmap and model.

I am really mad they didn`t worked this out with the last patch, hoped for that because its not real funny to fly this plane like so…

So come on Asobo, if you read this please fix this Livery Problem on your 747-8, such a nice plane and so a terrible bug.
Plane isn`t usable like this…and looks as a shame in your Flightsim…

I think you could do that in a better way…

cheers :wink:

they were supposed to release their own livery pack called ‘Aviator’s Club’ a few weeks back. This didnt happen, my guess is the templates need a lot of work.

hopefully when they deliver the templates they will have sorted that issue out for the community too

mine just won’t work at all it’s just blank

Without fully remaping aircraft it’s no way to create livery with big text. For example

One side will be mirrored

I guess the thing I don’t understand is why there are so many good liveries for the 787 and A320 but everything has one side mirrored for the 747? Is it missing something that the others have or have the creators just not spent the time on it that they’ve been giving the other airplanes?

Because the way Asobo created the UVmapping on the 747 just doesn’t make it possible to not be mirrored.

Skinners hands are tied by how Asobo screwed it up. Hopefully they will fix it in due time, some people think the poor UVmapping is the reason the Aviator liveries never came.

It’s not just the 747 with issues, even the A320 isn’t well mapped. But you can work around those short comings at least.

I find it strange that among the developers, nobody cares that the textures property of the 747 make sense and should look correct.
In advance I don’t understand how one can come up with the idea of creating textures for the right side of the plane as a mirror for the left side (laziness, simplification …?). Any fool would know it’s no good.
As long as the developers don’t change the plane and change the properties for the right and left sides with separate textures, the 747 will still look hampered.
Asobo / Microsoft, off to work. You will make it. Shouldn’t be as complicated as VR development. Or?

It is a shame !!! :disappointed:

Not that this bug picks up in first release, but now ( tomorrow ) we get the third patch and for shore there´s still nothing fixed at this point…

For me this should be on first places to clean up, such a nice model and such a mess left a long time now like it is - sorry can not understand the way they goeing…

This is disruptive for so many people and for shure it is well known at Asobo.

If you read this, please Asobo…


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I Tried to contact them but gave up after the run around emails.