Liveries in game

Hello to everyone.

I was just curious to know if there is an easy way to load a livery in game to see the result instead of loading the entire game each time.

In advance thanks for your response.

inside showroom u can change liveries on that aircraft, however to change aircraft u need to load it into worldmap and go back to showroom …

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Thanks for the reply, but muy question was concerning the case that you create a livery, you paste the folder into the community folder load the game and see the result.

If any changes are needed, you have to quit the game and load it again or no needs to quit the game?

depends if u alter configs or graphics …
configs yes
graphics no, just back to lobby and into worldmap again

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Thank you for those clarification :wink:

You look to know well about liveries so i will take the opportunity to ask one more question if you don´t mind.

Is there a default complete folder for adding a new created livery, because atm every time i put my new livery (one i´ve downloaded on the web) the game is crashing and i don´t find what the issue.


everything needs to be right under /Community/
probs might occure if u have several liveries for the same aircraft, those should be merged into one subdir to avoid collitions and ctd.
but u need to know hoe to merge them, i recommend a tool named

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In case i would like to create mine, is the a default folders config ? To make sure the default one works.

nope, but most downloads contain everything u need for /community/

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Okay…Let see so …