Liveries in Multiplayer - working or FUBAR?

Starting out simple, although I suspect this topic is going to get very complex :open_mouth:

Basic Question: Do additional Liveries, in the Community Folder, match correctly over standard MSFS Multiplayer ?

My recent experience is that they do not, in that if another Player has an Addon Livery, and I do NOT have that exactly livery in Community, I do not even see them defaulted to the original plane type, but instead, they display in a completely different plane type.

ie No fallback correct matching for missing liveries.

There also does not appear to be any “Official” SDK info on how to make Community folder Liveries, so I am assuming that those who have made such addon liveries, are doing so in their own way, and not in a way that Asobo has designed addon liveries to function correctly (if they have even defined this process)

So, whats the deal on Multiplayer addon Liveries matching correctly, or reverting back to the correct base aircraft.
I am not aware of any user configurable substitution matching mechanism in 2020 Multiplayer ???


I agree. I find it ridiculous and extremely surprising that this is by design. How on earth anyone with a bit of common sense would develop this type of system when a livery instead of being defaulted to a default livery by Asobo, immediately defaults to a completely different plane. I would understand that if two players did not have the same add-on aircraft, but a livery?


You might want to consider:
Multiplayer: display other players actual aircraft 3D models and liveries around you - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

As for liveries, I’m raising some questions indeed:
Live traffic with liveries - #6 by CptLucky8

And others are questioning their strategy too:
ANNOUNCEMENT: FSLiveTraffic Liveries (FSLTL) - #90 by Tjoeker

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Voted… that has to be fixed. Although I realize there are more pressing issues that should be fixed first, but at least we should start discussing this issue

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You are correct, there is no official information on this. I’m pretty sure the Aviator Liveries were created for just this reason. We now have examples of liveries for all the default planes, including the encrypted planes. Which I suppose technically makes them the SDK documentation.

I think they just expect people to have a background in xml and html to be able to understand linking, includes, and the virtual file system.

Be that as it may, all the information we need for creating liveries is now in the Aviator liveries, except for the

<Include RelativeFile="../../Carenado_M20R_Ovation/panel/panel.xml"/>

that can be used to access an encrypted panel.xml and I imagine other config files from an encrypted database. Just use this line as the content of a panel.xml file and liveries will work as expected. Obviously, change the path to the plane in question.

I think there’s a similar line for layout.json files, too, but I forget where there’s an example


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