Liveries in Multiplayer

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, so I’ll try to explain it as best I can.

Basically, since SU11, something has gone really really wrong with 3rd party liveries. First off, and probably most importantly, it seems that the quality of aircraft model matching has taken a huge plummet. For many aircraft, including some default (the DC3 is a prime example), unless I have the same livery installed as another person in multiplayer flying the DC3, I will see that person in one of those awful Asobo generated generic airliners. Surely I should at least see that person in a DC3, with a livery on my system, right? I’ve also noticed that same problem with the F-18. Surely if the models and model name match up, I should be seeing the correct models in multiplayer, regardless of which liveries I have or do not have installed?

This has also become an issue with 3rd party aircraft. Myself and a friend could both be flying the same 3rd party aircraft, but my friend might display as an Asobo generated generic airliner, or a generic “Bonanza” shaped aircraft. Like I said, something has gone wrong in this regard. The model matching has never been good in multiplayer really. For example 3rd party helicopters show up as floating GA planes. Really Asobo? Can you not at least give us a generic helicopter? The SC Designs F-16 shows up as something that resembles a knockoff Airbus A330. But it has just gotten so much worse since SU11, due to the issues I mentioned above. I was hoping that it would have improved almost 2 and a half years later. I fly in a large online community, and pretty much all of us are sharing the same experiences.

Now, here’s something that may or may not provide a clue to the issue. A lot of liveries, particularly 3rd party liveries seem to have an LOD issue since SU11. For example, me and a friend are both in the DC3, with the SAME 3rd party livery. But If I’m a certain distance away from him or her, I will see their plane in a default livery, or worse, the dreaded pink glitchy “livery”. As soon as I get close to them, it will show up as normal.

Has anyone else noticed this, and more to the point, is Asobo aware of it? Like I said, I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere.


a far better alternative to the native multiplayer is JoinFS

I sometimes use JoinFS, but that has limitations of it’s own. Besides, it doesn’t answer my question.

A friend I fly with flies the default A-320, in an Allegient livery. I installed the same livery, thinking that I’d be able to see him in that paint job. Nope. Generally, I see him in the default A320 livery, and sometimes I see him as a tiny little Cessna. It’s weird.

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Yep something has clearly changed/broken in SU11.

There’s a discussion already about the broken model matching system on the devsupport forum: Document rules for Multiplayer Model Matching - MSFS DevSupport

Thanks. Interesting read, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one getting frustrated. They don’t seem to mention the livery issue though, as in 3rd party party liveries turning into default liveries, or even turning pink on multiplayer aircraft once you’re a certain distance away, even if you have that same livery installed. This seems to be a newer problem that only started happening since SU11. The actual model matching issue has always been around (although it has definitely got worse since SU11). Maybe I shouldn’t have lumped both issues into the same thread, but the livery LOD radius thing definitely needs looking at.

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None of the “issues” that you complain about occur when using JoinFS.
However, it seems that you know better, so good luck with the MSFS multiplayer.

I said that JoinFS has LIMITATIONS of its own. I never once claimed that it has the same issues that I’m describing.

However, I’m not looking for an alternative. I’m wondering why the product we paid for (ie MSFS) isn’t working as it’s supposed to be. MSFS is marketed as being a multiplayer platform, but it’s clearly not fit for purpose. These issues don’t occur in other sims. Im not sure why you’re getting in a huff over it though.

I am interested in the limitations in JoinFS that you have identified and which prevent you from using that, versus the broken, or not yet finished in-game multiplayer.

Hmmm. I’m not really sure why you keep feeling the need to defend JoinFS. Are you one the developers for JoinFS or something?

My query has nothing to do with JoinFS. I’m asking why a key part of MSFS isn’t working as intended. I appreciate that JoinFS can be a viable workaround, and your suggestion has been duly noted, but it doesn’t answer my question.