Livery not showing after SU 6

I’ve tried 2 different liveries for the A320 FBW that had worked prior to SU 6. The authors say they are compatible with SU6. I’m assuming this refers to the stock A320 from Asobo and not the FBW version. Has anyone else experienced trouble with liveries or knows of a fix? Thanks.

Wait, I’m confused. You said they are liveries for the A320 FBW. They will therefore NOT be compatible with the stock A320 as far as I know. And vice versa.

If you look at the aircraft.cfg in the SimObjects\Airplanes(whatever) directory, it will say at the top of the file which plane it is referencing.

Let me update this post so as to close the thread. I apologize for my lack of precision in my original description of the problem.

After SU6, the liveries for the A320 FBW in my Community folder that I had successfully used before the update no longer worked, meaning the plane retained it’s unmodified appearance no matter what I did. This was puzzling since the livery authors stated that compatibiliy with SU6 had been confirmed. Restarting the sim multiple times, moving mods in and out of the Community folder, etc., had no effect.

What did work was selecting the stock A320 from the World Map, which did not display the livery as you suspected. I then re-selected the FBW version. At that point the FBW version showed the correct livery. I can’t explain this from a technical perspective and it is no longer an issue for me.