Livery / painting tutorials?

Just did a quick search and haven’t found anything that looks actually current. I mean, in terms of it being 2022…

I’d like to do a few repaints, but can’t find much other than what looks like the standard old texture file.

I guess there may be some good info in the SDK but thought I’d find more quickly via search… maybe not.

Any help appreciated.

I still do my repaints by the old method into texture files. However, I also go by the 3D-painting variant shown in various tutorials. I’d love to take a shot at livery painting using decals, but I haven’t found a nice tutorial regarding this in terms of submodel merging.

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Which 3D software do you use?

I see there’s a converter for Blender, but it says it has issues with components containing bones.


I actually use Blender. I haven’t had any problems with bones, I just try to reduce the model to a bare minimum before I start - wings, aileron, rudder, fuselage… (not that much into airliners) and then start with a blank (=white) texture sheet. I then draw onto the model directly, merging my layer into the corresponding base texture using the multiply layer method offered by graphics software.

Thanks - is this what you use?

Could also be a similar addon, but I think it is the one you have linked to. In essence, as long as it is able to import the MSFS gltf files, it’s fine. I can check at the weekend when I’m back at my usual machine for doing repaints.

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