Livery Troubles After SU5 - C172 G1000 BUG

I am having trouble getting liveries I have made for the C172 G1000 to display properly. They worked perfectly before SU5.

The issue is in the cockpit with the analog gauges in the middle. In the base aircraft those are called up from the general gauges folder, I don’t see any corresponding textures for them in the base aircrafts texture folder.

However in all my liveries for the C-172 G1000 the gauges don’t appear. They show up fine in the default livery so the gauges textures are being called up properly there.

Any Ideas? Please, I will take anything. I am very demoralized right now. I am 9 hours in trying to fix this now. Send the rescue choppers.


Update the fallback pathways in the livery texture . cfg, use the fallback pathway structure from asobos livery 1 for 172 as1000 found in the texture . cfg of that livery.