Living a dream

Microsoft flightsimulator 2020 has allowed me to live a dream. A dream of flying I have always had.


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Amen to that! For years I even thought that my interest (and passion) in flight simulation might even blossom into actually taking lessons and experiencing real live flying. Many stories are told how real pilots started with Microsoft Flight Simulator. I actually met a commercial co-pilot who started out with fs9 or fsx.

Now, edging towards retirement years, I’m not really worried about it. But I suspect I won’t be getting tired of flight simming any time soon!


im 49 years old, now days i dont feel like slappin myself anymore for not following my dreams. flight simming has made me feel much better about myself


I hear you! As far as my brain is concerned, I just flew a PT-17 in a snow storm at night! (The wonders of VR). Felt real to me!

I’m 50 and I feel exactly the same…

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I would recommend a 3D VR headset - with this it will be REAL flying and sitting in a REAL cockpit, instead of staring on a flat screen :wink:

And you won´t get enough of that experience. :wink:

(Wow I remember playing Gran Turismo Sports and Ace Combat 7 with VR headset. If the PSVR headset would not have been so uncomfortable tight and made of disgusting allergen and sweaty rubber but designed like the comfortable Denver VR or the Oculus Rift 2 instead of this wobbly allergic rubber in the face that caused rash and redness around the eyes and the nose, I would have played whole nights! Wromm!)

Well my friend I guess it was not your choice not having 10.000$ for PPL plus 150$ for every single flying hour (with 30 hours needed every year to keep the license) on your bank account with an age of 16, and it was not your fault not having 120.000 Dollar at the age of 18 for the CPL :wink:
There is no “following-your-dreams” without millionaire-daddy, it was not your fault. Don´t punish yourself.

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Not to forget that the making of mistakes in real airplanes can sometimes have far more noticeable consequences than in simulations. that’s why i love this simulation because i can fly despite my fear of flying :wink:

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Well, I am a real GA pilot, and I prefer VR or even good 2D to the real thing. No ATC to tell me what to do, no $$$ for gas and stuff, no worries about maintenance…I love flying in bad weather now! Can’t do that in the real world. Cheers!

Just want to add that a good HOTAS and rudder pedals helps greatly with immersion. The rudder pedals get the whole body into the action. I flew with rudder on the stick for years. Best investment.


Nice one.
Now go fly.
Possibilities are endless - as is the enjoyment.

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for the simmers that doesnt have one, i strongly insist on you getting a buttkicker for your gaming or office chair. when your chair starts vibrating when the engines start is awesome. or even when your taxiing on the runway in the heavies vibrate your chair on top of wearing a vr headset, very emersive.

:grimacing: Even imagining this freaks me out. :wink:

But I get your point; the sim is a great sandbox that makes so many things possible that we’d never try for real. It’s fun to wonder, “what if?” and then be able to try it out, at least on some level.

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I took off when it was clear at the airfield. Weather moved in, and I had to fly along the shoreline at 150ft to find my way back. I even started worrying that I might have missed it, just like in real life. I felt very happy to see that runway appear out of the mist. The immersion is very real, so I get the OP’s point about feeling good from the sim. Makes me feel great!


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