LNAV on 747 not working anymore since patch

LNAV on 747 not working anymore since “patch” …

Flying from ZLXY to RJAA with 747 right now with LNAV and VS enable. No issue so far with LNAV but VS is sometimes not working right (don’t know what will happen next tho). I uses the plan from simbrief and download the .pln file from there and load in the load screen. Try that

I just fire up X-Plane and load the ZIBO if I want to fly a heavy. No point in even trying to work through all the issues the airliners have. Performance is not even close to real life so I’ll wait for PMDG next year to start flying heavies in MSFS.

Thank you for the advice, but I cannot accept a third party tool as a solution to something that the developer should have tested before implementation. A patch that causes such errors in the first place is a disgrace for the developer. I am happy for all who experience that this patch was a step ahead, unfortunately I cannot count myself among them.

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I agree. They still need to work on the nav planner. I’ll try the default plannar tonight to see the LNAV function. Hope next patch will come soon (without any other bugs introduced hopefully).

As I found out in the meantime, for whatever reason, apparently the Localizer took over the job of the LNAV…