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This topic might be moved, but using Simbrief for the first time since the last update, I found the the Simbrief downloader does not stay up and running in the background, and all the flight plans are *.pln, so I can’t load them in the sim, I know I am probably missing something easy, but has anything changed is the update? I used to use it all the time.

I’m not sure I understand. Loading from the world map lets you select .pln files. I do this daily.

Sounds like a problem with SimBrief. Their downloader should be supported by SimBrief. Contact them for assistance. Meanwhile, you should be able to import .pln files manually.

You would generate your flight plan using Simbrief, then you would use Simbrief Downloader to download it to your PC locally.

Once downloaded, go into the sim. At the world map press “space” to load, then space again. Browse the directories to where you saved the flight plan (.pln) and select it.

MSFS will load and read without issue.

I hope that helps.

Basically, I had a severe case of brain-fade, induced by genetics, poor life style along with a lack of focus. When you look in the right place you find the right stuff.

Thanks to all.

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