Load Flight

After this latest update, I can’t now find where to load a previously saved flight plan. I’ve an empty community folder and everything is updated. I’ve rebooted my computer and restarted the sim. The search box to find ILS frequencies has gone as well.
Help please… Thank you :grinning:

When you updated, did you do both the updates? If not, exit from MSFS. Check the MS Store or Steam client again for an other update. Then launch MSFS again.

After the update, check the Content Manager for any updates.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did both updates, store and content manager. Checked both again this morning and no updates showing. Sim version reads correctly as Empty community folder. Sim and computer shut down again and rebooted again. Still the same problem that World Map screen shows no option to load a previously saved flight plan and no way to check ILS frequencies.

There never has been a search box for ILS frequencies - or am I wrong?

You used to be able to search for ILS frequencies via the show because section. They used to be shown with the runway information.