Loading a previously saved plan?

Do I load the .flt file or the .pln file?

The .FLT file is the situation you were in (aircraft, location, configuration, etc.) when you saved the file while in the sim. The .PLN is the flight plan you import into the aircraft.

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Let me expand on Sartanius’s post since I like to type lol.

The .FLT file will load the flight as you set it up when you saved it. So it will load the flight plan, aircraft, time of day and weather and then let you choose to fly. You will not be able to edit any way points, the aircraft, time of day or weather. It will also be locked while flying. As in the weather icon will not appear in the tool bar at the top.

The .PLN file will load the flight plan into the world editor thingy. So your departure, arrival and way points will be there. But it will let you pick a different aircraft, edit the flight plan, time of day and weather options before you fly. And let you edit them while you are flying.

So basically if you choose .PLN it will just load the flight plan into your gps and let you configure everything else. It is handy if you don’t want go through choosing your departure, arrival and way points everytime you start a flight. And if you like to fly the route but play around with different planes, time of day and weather this is the option you want to choose. It is also the smaller file if that makes it easier for you remember which one to choose.

The .FLT file is just that, your flight pre loaded and ready to go the way you originally set it up and you can’t change anything. I don’t remember if it was FSX or Xplane where you could save the flight with the plane sitting on the runway (or parking spot) running with everything set up. Like your radios already tuned and all that to how you had them. Not sure if that is an option in this sim or not.

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This system is absolutely WRONG!

As in other sims it need working very simply, any time I can save my Flight and also it saves my flight plan. I can also Save or Load my set flight plan to existing flight and overwrite my actual f.ex. There is simply option inside G1000/G3000 to Open or Save FPL, also can be saved inside menu as can save Flight but this isn’t implemented. I don’t know reason/idea why they implemented like in actual system. When I load Flight, I can also change Time, weather any time, this is also problem in actual version. FSX and XPlane working perfectly. I don’t see any reason to not have possibility with saved flight (to continue next day) to not change time and weather as I want. Now is also bug that if I fill FPL during flight and save it (FLT) when I next time want open it makes CTD. This works only if I fill FPL in initscreen correctly - this is simply wrong actual system of Flight and FPL save/load.