Loading a saved flight plan - Crash or Freeze

`In the world map, I load a saved flight plan. The flight plan comes in. when I click on 'Fly" the program closes without any warning.

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Load a saved flight plan. click on ‘Fly’. Program closes without warning or error message.

Whenever I load a flight, FS loads for some time and then crashes to desktop.

This applies to save flights where parked at an airport as well as flights where I am in the air and cruising.


Happens to me too. MSFS just closes to desktop without any error message


I’ll add to this. Whenever I load or save a flight plan the sim doesn’t lock up but all clickable buttons/items within the worldview don’t respond. They do however show that they’re being clicked. The only workaround is to close the sim and never…ever…touch the load/save option. This happened after the last update and continues to happen after full uninstalling and reinstalling the sim and every addon. Community folder full or empty the bug continues to persist and it’s reproducible every time.


in the stock a g36 bonanza flew down the coast of Australia through a thunderstorm and landed in a rainstorm. felt pretty good about myself. taxied to the fuel pump and refilled. taxied to the ramp and shutdown. Saved the game. got home today and loading that saved game causes an instant crash to desktop. no prior issues resulting in any crashes. i have a pretty capable pc and had no issue flying in the weather (so far as rendering and fps went) it just will not load.

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same issue here, but only happens when i saved the game in the approach face. not when in the middle of the flight.

My case is slightly different:

After a successful flight, and before shutting down FS, I like to plan my next flight, with individually added waypoints, procedures, the works.

Each time I try to save my flight, FS freezes. Since I’m in windowed mode, I can not even use Task Manager to kill MSFS2020. I have to reboot.

This has happend three times (on each and every of my attempts).
Unsatisfactory, weird and quite frustrating… any thoughts?

I have never encountered such problems. Could they be related to specific planes?

I have the same problem. Plan will load and then freezes, same thing happens when saving.

have tried multiple aircraft.

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I am currently flying around the world and theoretically I wanted to load the last flight (parked at current airport) each day, for realism.

But loading a flight still crashes to desktop without error. Am I the only one experiencing this?

You can download the flight file for testing here (ATW.FLT):




i think this was a longstanding issue.
what i do is : i note the code of the airfield where i stop., so i can easily continue next day
new flight…waiting for patches takes a looong time, so find workarounds.

Mentioned this already in previous versions, still CTD after loading *.FLTs in new update.
Still taxi ribbons missing, altough enabled in navigation aids options, after a landing, planning and continuing a flight in one session. Still randomly CTDs after a landing and continuing a flight in same session.

I am also having this issue. I was able to load the flight, but it did not save settings such as AP or flight plan. When I tried to re-add the flight plan through the G5000 interface on the Cessna Longitude, got a CTD without error messages.

Same problem here. Go into little navmap, create flight plan & save as msfs flight plan. Go into msfs load flightplan & it freezes except for a continuous hourglass!

I have made a post about this long time ago when the game was released. It’s really a game breaker for me. My game crash whenever I try to load a flight. I love to go from airport to airport (was planing on continuing my tour of the world from FSX). I’m very disappointed. I have paid for the deluxe version and I never was able to enjoy the sim. I hopped that updates would have resolved this. I’ve spend hours of testing and I don’t have time for this anymore… Please devs, can you do something about the loading and saving?

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Same here. Set dep and arr airports… click on Fly and CTD … happens 50 percent of time.

Hi all, since day 0 of my install (a couple of weeks ago) every time I click in world map on LOAD/SAVE flight plan the game freezes and I have to force quit it. No update solved this. Any clue? Community folder is empty.

I’ve actually never had this problem before. Until right now, I was just coming to look to see if anyone else was having it. I’m stuck loading into an airport and it seems nothing is happening. You get one thing fixed and 2 more pop up.

Don’t know if you’re having the same issue I was, but I figured mine out. Somehow, the online functionality had been magically turned off. When I turned it back on in the data settings, I could load into airports again.

Good luck.

Yes it’s true. This sim is more about fixing stuff and testing the fixes than actual playing. Right now I just turned it back on because I could not believe how smooth my first leg of a Nepal bush trip was and I wanted to test if it was the usual fluke or actually this bush trip/location/plane combination is actually smooth…