Loading data on Saitek Flight panel from Cold&Dark


I’m using the flights panel from Saitek and when starting from Cold & Dark it’s not loading on some aircraft once I turn on the avionics.

Example for the A320 i follow the standard checklist but they remain dark whatever I try… I don’t have any problem on the CJ4 or TBM on the opposite for example…

Any help on that topic would be lovely

Thanks so much !!

I have the same issue on A320. At the moment the following workaround helps in my case. After finishing the startup procedure I press “Strg/Crtl + E”, then my Saitek panels turn on.

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Thanks ! What’s “Strg” exactly ?

Thanks very much

Strg Key = Ctrl Key depending on keyboard layout.
It’s the shortcut for Auto-Start Engine.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Plug-in from Logitech should solve this issue.

This update fixes the issue with the Avionics Master Switch on the Flight Switch Panel not working.

Please note: for cold & dark starts with aircraft not equipped with an Avionics Master Switch you will still need to turn the Avionics Switch from the Flight Switch Panel on in order for the Radio and Multi Panel to operate.
If you do not own a Flight Switch Panel then you will need to assign a button on your controller or a key on your keyboard to the Avionics 1 ON function in the controls section of Flight Simulator in order to turn the Radio and Multi Panel on when performing a cold & dark start.