Loading Flight While In VR - CRJ 550/700/900/1000

Interacting with pop-up windows is a challenge in VR. After the last update, things became even worse. I tried to load a flight, previously downloaded from SimBrief, in the CRJ-550 FMC. Right after clicking “copy” the mouse pointer disappeared. Obviously, any interaction with the cockpit was now impossible. It was until I pressed ESC that I was able to see a pop-up window from MFS. Since the mouse pointer was still gone, I could not interact with that window, either.

By now, I have forgotten about the flight and I was trying to debug MFS. Just for the sake of it, I turned on a VR controller and, I was able to interact with the pop-up with it. Yet, it was workless. I pressed cancel in that pop-up window and MFS just froze. I had to hard reboot my system.

Since VR was supported in MFS, it’s been impossible to interact with MFS pop-up within VR, once you’re in the cockpit. First, I really don’t understand why MFS will pop-up windows not visible within the cockpit – as a developer myself, this is terrible UX. In addition, why would MFS simulator switch to a VR controller from the mouse, when a controller is not even active. It just beats me.

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