LOC and G/S Not working -

What is your definition of “autoland”? There is an “autoland” feature built into some airliners FMS/AP but not all.

It is possible to “automatically” land aircraft in MSFS by allowing the AP to continue flying the aircraft below the minimum Decision Height but this isn’t correct piloting. (IRL a pilot cannot descend an aircraft below the DH without consequences.)

Also, the AI co-pilot can “automatically” land an aircraft but sometimes it doesn’t work correctly landing (crashing) short of or next to the runway.

When attempting to fly an approach using an autopilot and the aircraft suddenly drops to the ground, this usually means the airspeed dropped too low and the aircraft stalled and fell to the ground. This is because autopilots are not designed to recover from stalls. Only pilots can recover from stalls if there is enough altitude.

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I’m referring to CAT III ILS. I’m not a professional pilot, I only do this for joy. Then, I think the topic nothing has to do on how bad pilot I’m. The fact is that before update, I didn’t experienced any G/S errors. All my realism settings are in the hardest settings, I don’t fly with any assistance or an AI “co-pilot” who I usually call as “First Officer”
Regarding the airspeed, I always maintain a stable speed, depending the aircraft I’m flying. As it is CAT III ILS Approach, I manually take controls as soon the aircraft touches the ground. I did this too many times. Activating reverse thrusters (Manually) prevent the aircraft to take off again, due to the LOC and G/S precision I can concentrate and taking care of the speed alone.

Then It’s not about Air Speed. The pink G/S diamond is the cause.

I know and saw videos of real pilots training real students to land with less than 0.1 miles of visibility. Or with the eyes only in the instruments. I didn’t mean to do a correct piloting. This is simulation after all and I’m not killing anybody.

I prefer help from users who has already experienced the same issue and later solved It. Thank you anyway.

I know how frustrating flying instrument approaches can be. Many times I have descended through clouds only to see the runway not very close to where it should be.

Can you tell me some more about the problem you are seeing with the glideslope pink diamond inaccuracy? I don’t think others are having this problem maybe because they are flying different aircraft or flying into different locations. If you are having glideslope problems at all the large airports then maybe there is a problem with the navigation data or the ILS radio frequencies or with SU7 causing problems with an add-on.

Also, for CAT III autoland, you shouldn’t have to maintain the correct airspeed since AutoThrottle is required to be used for autoland. The AutoThrottle always flies the correct airspeed until touchdown. Also two autopilots need to be on at the same time for autoland.

I rarely fly large aircraft so I am not very familiar with all their systems. However, I know that pre-landing checklists arm systems like brakes, spoilers, reversers(?) so that all these systems are activated as soon as the wheels contact the runway. As far as I know, there shouldn’t be any way an aircraft can take off after the wheels touch down.

Please read above, there is more info. All happens in a Boing 747 and Airbus A320 landing in any Tokio Haneda airports for mention one example.

What I can tell is that before Update It was possible to land the way I’ve already described in my last post (I mean my way), many times (Successfully) . What I want to know is, if the aircraft tolerances were updated after, but this is only for the aircraft.

This topic is not about human mistakes or aircraft tolerances, It is mainly for the missing ILS LOC and G/S pink or fuchsia diamonds, during approach No ILS in various airports AFTER UPDATE Simple.

You assumptions and prejudges are only targeting me. But to be clear; All you said about airspeed, checklists, autobrakes, A/T, radio frequencies, procedures and rules, etc, etc. are irrelevant, because all that was already known by me. I use the simulator to try several ways to land, that’s the core for simulation right?

Anyway, thank you for trying to help, but if you really want to help please try to reproduce an ILS CAT III approach and land in the Haneda airport Runaway 22 or 34R in a Boeing 747. Then you can say that I’m the only one having this issue.

Thank you for providing this information! I am using the Navigraph Jeppesen charts for RJTT/HND. ILS Rwy 34R has a CAT III approach but I didn’t see one for the ILS Rwy 22. I flew these approaches with the A320NEO and the B747 with the Salty mod. I don’t think either of these have CAT III autoland capabilities. I think the FBW A320 has autoland but I don’t have that aircraft.

Anyhow, I tried flying the two approaches and the magenta diamonds were displayed for each LOC/GS. I had to re-do one approach because I didn’t have the correct ILS frequency. I tried simulating autoland by letting the AP fly all the way down to the runway. The aircraft either bounced or made a crater.

Someone else will have to try the approaches with the FBW A320. For the B747 I am using the latest Salty mod. Maybe the 747 needs the Salty mod to display the ILS magenta diamonds correctly. At least we know the ILS for both runways are working.

There is nothing wrong with the ILS in the game. Perhaps you’re navdats was corrupted. Try to delete and reinstall it.

You are making a lot of assumptions about the nature of the problem you’re experiencing. If ILS has stopped working, there would be many more threads about it. The more likely assumption is there’s something wrong with your installation.

Please try to do the same approach as PacificSet90456 did. I have already reinstalled FS2020 and Also checked in other PC. I have the same results.

Try helping with something I didn’t test yet. Otherwise don’t make any more assumptions, I’ve already did a lot. Also please do not turn this topic about me or my behavior, try to focus in the topic issue.

Thank you.

Thank you a lot. This will help to try with the circumstances you gave.

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