LOC not captured by AP

Hi captains,

G1000 nxi
Cessna 172
LOC frequency tuned

What did I do wrong if my tuned LOC in a LOC approach was identified but not captured by the AP.

By identified, I mean its identifier was correctly indicated in the top left corner of NAV1 of the G1000.

However, this LOC was not identified in the CDI bottom left corner (although Bearing 1 had been selected to LOC 1, CDI switched from GPS to LOC, and CRS value for the LOC correctly input. The AP annunciator did not show LOC mode while the bold green LOC arrow in the CDI began to show a displacement from course.

You have to be in APR to guide on LOC. Ideally you loaded and followed the approach fixes before switching to LOC from FMS.

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Ic. Looks like I was under the mistaken impression that because this was a LOC approach (ie. just Localizer, no glide slope), hence I needn’t have activated APR. So what you’re saying is that even though it’s purely a LOC approach, APR must still be pressed for AP to capture the LOC. Got it. Thanks!

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