Local Legend 13: Saab B 17A

Where do you find the setting for the camera height?

Disappointed an official release does not have adequate support when using the assistance options. I believe ‘auto-rudder’ and AI trim are not working as intended for this release.

This is for PC, obviously, so I don’t know if Xbox menus are the same but “General Options”, “Camera”, under Cockpit Camera settings, “Height”. It’s a slider for me.

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Thank you for this insight, this did indeed fix the issue.

Thankyou! Issue fixed to.

Anybody already has a complete list of the LVars?
I would appreciate it when the devs could print them in the manual as well, like other devs do as well, THX!

I’m pretty picky about the flight models on a lot of default MSFS planes and the tendency to float or issues slowing down on approach. I think Asobo hit a home run with this one, besides the shaking bug, but I’m sure that will get ironed out. It only happened to me once. Otherwise I dare say that I think this plane has a better feel than Got Friends new Wildcat. I don’t want to diminish their efforts, as it’s a beautiful plane, but the high landing speed and inability to get it to stall onto the runway is a major issue for me. I’m getting numbers much closer to the POH with the Saab. If Got Friends, fixes it, they’ll have a great plane IMHO. Back to the Saab, Inibuilds did a great job with this one.

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You have a link to the POH?

Is there a Master switch (batt) anywhere?
I cant find it :lying_face:

Did you read the list I posted above? Theres quite some more things to get fixed before I can call this a “home run”. Not sure if some things in the list are bugs or not, but ther’s just too many things “off”. It plane has too much power even when throttle full down, and Im not sure the B17 is such a sailplane it sometimes feels to be. But I really like the aircraft and Im flying it despite the problems, but I do hope they will get it right.

The SAAB B 17A manual and Quick Reference cards have been updated:


Had a chance to take this aircraft up for a couple flights tonight and it’s a lot of fun. Definitely a nice addition for warbird fans, of which I am one.