Local Legend 14: Bell 47J Ranger

Only if you have the Deluxe or Premium version of MSFS. If you’re referring to the others, they just happen to be on sale right now.

I do:

You should then. Mine shows up as $9.99. Might be a temporary glitch. I’m a flight so can’t look right at this moment but I was looking at it a few hours ago.

Yeah it is a bug. Should be the discounted price.

Weird thing is it started at the wrong price then got fixed quickly but now it’s gone back to being wrong.

Another MSFS Regression lol

I will raise it with the Discord team for you so should get fixed (again) soon :wink:

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Ah yep, it’s showing $15 for me now too. I trust it’ll go back soon.

…so sad to see it listed in there with all of the Mscenery products. Trying to stay positive. They would be good for static models, right?!?


I’ve uploaded two Police liveries :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your wonderful repaints! I particularly like the US Air Force one, and will be downloading the NYC Police one soon. (I may make some at-home edits to remove the NYC Police labels and make it a nice white and green private chopper).

I’m wondering if you would consider this beautiful Trans Australia Airlines example on floats in the future.

Regardless of your decision on the above, looking forward to any additional repaints of this helo from you!


Hey. The price should be fixed now :wink:


I’ll take a look at it. It does not look that complicated. Unfortunately it is not possible to paint the floats because the textures are mirrored and used on both sides.

I’ve uploaded two more:


ok,thank´s again,so here it is,like your liveries a lot :heart_eyes:


I’m having a lot of fun with this helicopter!!


Is it just me, or is this helicopter harder to land safely than any other one in the simulator? Seems that any not extra gentle touchdown results in a crash.

I second that livery Cutlass172, I t would be great to see this one…I understand the floats are mirrored so no text possible on those but the Aussie livery looks very smart…perhaps the floats could be white?

I’d just turn off crash detection. Real life has proven over and over that planes can and do go beyond what this simulator thinks is a crash.

If you plow into the ground, you can always make your own decision on your crash and restart if you wish.


Was watching a DVD with Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jnr and was surprised to see yet another Bell 47j in the flying shots. This sequence was several minutes long instead of a glimpse so plenty of time to see one in action. Bit like buses, since this one arrived in MSFS, they are coming along one after another.:slight_smile:

Quite a colourful civilian livery on this one so did a quick screen grab in case it may be of interest to the talented repainters on here. :wink:


I can’t find any evidence as yet but I believe the Bell 47J was used in more than a few Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom episodes.
Marlin was too old to do much in the later years so ‘Jim’ was brought into the program - usually to be dropped into a nest of crocodiles, or a pride of lions, while ol’ Marlin sat safely in the chopper with his tranq rifle. Good Times.


I’ve never flown rotary wing in the sim before but this piqued my interest enough to give it another try and I really like it. I’m on xbox and controller and using the assists, but its still interesting and a fun challenge to fly.
I always found the bell 407 and capri were impossible to fly without assists and just a bit soulless with them.
Flying this wee bird around as helped me find some fab photogrammetry I’d never noticed before, and I love landing at the needles lighthouse helipad
My only wish is that it had some basic instrument lighting so I could fly at night… Don’t know whether the real one had or not, but it’d be a nice touch.
More old choppers like this please! I vote Gazelle next

there is already a gazelle available, though perhaps not for xbox

my first flight of the 47j was at night, i seem to recall it having red panel lighting

There’s a red lamp on the forward left ceiling that you can switch on that illuminates the instrument panel for night flying.

The only other consideration a lack of nav lighting for the float model, and a lack of tail/white nav light for both.

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