Local Legend 15: Dornier Do 31

Again, thank you for your input.

I’m going to pick this up and give it a go.


Yep, I see, sorry I misunderstood one of your earlier messages

Great video! Speaking of Avangel, it looks like she has the same hover/vertical landing experience to me https://youtu.be/37L9134Han4?si=kVABaRGY3BDYfFis&t=1215

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But hey, I know I come over as frustrated cause I bought it, and regret it, true, I admit, but to be fair you also have to mention that many of those nice shiny buttons don’t work!!! It’s honestly a bit of a big blender. Not even windscreen wipers, nose wheel steering, taxi lights etc etc work. So ya, the price is still too much, free would have been appropriate and I think I’m not the only one of that opinion. Too many fan boys only glorifying the products without critically reflecting on what they spend so much money on. I have to deliver a finished working product too with my company and can’t come up with excuses over excuses

Cheers my sim mates :upside_down_face:


I have to disagree with you on this point.
I’m definitely not a fanboy by any stretch. I enjoy all of the sims from MSFS to XP12 and DCS. I say how I actually feel. I’ve been simming since FS98 and have seen a range of products and price points throughout the years.

I have the premium version of MSFS, so I was able to pick up the Do-31 for ~$10. I stand by my opinion of bang for the buck on this one. It’s a very unique aircraft, that has limited exposure. The modeling and texturing are great! It’s a ton of fun to fly. The landing lights work, and I’m not even sure if the real aircraft had taxi lights. It was a working prototype…so for the price, I don’t mind a few inop buttons.

I love a good piece of well done freeware just as much as the next simmer…but for all of the enjoyment I get from the sim. I don’t mind paying a developer for the time they put in to a product.

However, to each their own. I’m sorry if you are unhappy with it, but I am really enjoying the unique flight characteristics it has brought to MSFS.


People don’t work for free where I live. Where are you at?? This aircraft had many hours put into it. Why should that be free? The entitlement is strong… No one twisted your arm into buying it lol

I’m not trying to sell the aircraft here. I don’t own it as it’s not something I feel like I’d fly much so I certainly can’t be called rude names.

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Watching the video from the time stamp you posted, it looks like the power for the vertical lift engines was not brought in soon enough.

Just like in helicopters, the power application on approach is not intuitive. You feel like you should be reducing power to continue the decent, but the transition between forward flight and hovering has a massive power shift and you need to be ahead of it. You really have to plan your approaches and keep your control inputs slow and smooth.

As you approach the point of translational lift, you have to have the power brought into whatever the setting was when you hovered in ground effect for takeoff. In helicopters you usually enter and exit ETL around 20kts. I wasn’t sure how the Do-31 would behave, since it’s not a rotorcraft, so I planned the transition between 40-20 knots and adjusted the vertical thrust accordingly. Control your speed with pitch. It needs a pretty nose high attitude to slow down and come into a hover.


Well, I spend I think 15 euro and compared to GOT FRIENDS 5 euro bundle I still think it’s not delivering. The flight characteristics / model is, let’s say in certain situations like I’m on another planet with different understanding of gravity and where it pulls an object toward to. It is not only me who mentioned that, look through the post here on FS and you’ll find exactly my points. I also do have a bunch of higher priced add ons and I know the difference and I am well aware of the product price relationship still I stick with my opinion and can only advice people to save that money and get f they do that two times go and buy something decent. And sorry but there are free/(on Xbox 5€) products which deliver ten times more and better, ie. got friends legacy bundle, a more realistic flight model than this. So no, I don’t want people to work for free; but if charge money at least deliver appropriate work. It’s not that Microsoft is a NGO :kissing_heart: and their product also is more than mal-functioning lately but what do I know, I only have a Microsoft Xbox series x which they also sell at a bargain, right

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People also don’t work for free where I am from or where I live my friend, and I didn’t exactly call you any rude names, I was speaking and criticizing generally how many fans of the Product which I also consider myself to be Loose their objectivity. At the end it’s Microsoft not an NGO and they for sure are not at the wrong side of making profit. But it became obvious how not only MSFS but many more recent examples show how normal it became to throw unfinished products on the market promising updates and never fully delivering what was promised in the most exciting language possible. Now if u don’t care about spending 15 euro and not getting what u thought u r buying I’m happy for you and the situation u can consider urself in, it’s also not that 15 euro make me poor, still, 15 euro is still money and ya if u say I’m actually angry at myself first for not having properly done my due diligence, you are right, 100% :100:, still that doesn’t take my right away as a paying customer to criticism on a product I paid way more that 15 euro for and still it’s bugged and the most simple things not being fixed. Mouse problems in Xbox, loading times, game crashes. If then the head of MSFS says the whole world is just a lot and blaBlabla. Well easy I have a solution, don’t promise what you can’t deliver or at least have the decency to accept criticism and not be insulted like a child. That’s my opinion. And I’m sure he gets enough money out of his job cause Germans also usually don’t work for free.

Don’t be so thin skinned my man, nobody said anything explicitly about you and it’s not your work you need to full hearted defend here

I wasn’t taking it personally. The term “fan boys” is nearly always used in a derogatory manner and (in my opinion) shouldn’t really be used in most situations. I was merely pointing out the aircraft should NOT be free. I didn’t say it was comparable to other aircraft - I feel the same way about Flying Iron vs about any other not-as-good WWII plane that comes along. And I always think of these planes as $10 planes, not $15 planes. That’s “only” $5, but also 50% more. If you don’t want it, you don’t want it. But free is just an entitlement.


Hey Man, sorry if you felt attacked in any way, ok? Wasn’t my intention and I sincerely apologize and try to not have any doubts about not having that intention. We have the same hobby and probably can easily agree to disagree in some topics but who cares, right :+1:t2::pray:t3: maybe I would ask you on the contrary to try to also step a moment outside of your head and understand people who get frustrated especially lately when a lot of things in msfs going extremely the wrong direction.

In this way, cheers man and my sincere apologies if I somehow offended you as this was not my intention


Let me explain the „defy gravities“ and „like on another planet“, and to be clear about that, no real world qualifications as pilot aviator etc, just a normal joe doe simmer who spends some of his free time playing pilot

It means that, from my basic understanding of gravity and almost 43 years of being alive on earth that THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE SITUATION WHERE THE PLANE SPINNED IN CORCLES OR NOSE POINTING DOWNWARDS BUT PLANE GOING UP ETC. so mr qualified more than all the low live bugs without the real world experience and certificates like you: yeah it behaved very strange at many many occasions and only because one or two guys prove in a video how to be able to manage the strange flight characteristics of the plane doesn’t prove in any way wrong that some of us experienced very strange flight behaviors, it just shows some people adapted to that and controlled the plane within those rules. So pls before u try to outsmart us get ur things right then we can have a real discussion about it

By the way, I don’t cry and I def don’t need your approval if I want to reasonably complain about a product I bought. And I can fly it even managed to land it vertically by now, still the flight model sucks and behaves very very out of this world in many specific occasions. So go and patronize someone else, cause that I don’t need for sure

Oh one more thing Mr zen aviator: you said many proving videos, pls link me one where they execute a nice perfect vertical landing on a short air strip not one with 100 times the space needed for vertical landings which could as well be used for normal landings. Cause that’s what the plane was designed for. I be happy to look into the matter and open to admit any wrongs by my side and admit I’m not skilled enough after seeing only one perfect vertical landing in a confined narrow space. Cause I haven’t seen one until now

I did just put her down on London city helipad, not so hard with some training, prepare to pull the yoke to your chest during decellerate and master the lift engines whit care.
Wind and turbulence is a big no no with this bird, so try in clear skies and turbulence at low.

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Ya I experienced similar, like ripping „joystick off towards my side and sometimes still not far enough :joy:

I think I may have identified one of the causes of inconsistent behaviour between users. It seems that even for the same visual configuration of throttle, lift throttle and nozzles, there is different engine power commanded depending on what type of controller input you used to get to this configuration.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

I suspect screenshot 1 is the intended behaviour, where main engines RPM (engines 0 and 1 in debug view) is automatically kept circa 15% lower than the lift engines. This is what happens if you achieve this throttle configuration using a bound button for lift throttle, or by mouse dragging the lift throttle to this position.

I believe screenshot 2 is unintended behaviour, where the main engines RPM (engines 0 and 1 in debug view) automatically match the RPM of the lift engines (engines 2 and 3 in debug view). This makes it very difficult if not impossible to descend, as described by many users. This is what happens if you achieve this throttle configuration by moving the main throttle, or by dragging the lift throttle to this position using VR controller (this is what I was often doing as I only fly in VR).


That is a great catch! you should post this in the bug report section.
I am using a mouse to click the co-pilot button at the top of the dash, and a bound axis to a controller for both throttle controls.

I’ve never used the VR hand controllers in MSFS.

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Thanks! It took me ages to diagnose, especially with the slow response of the lift engines, the somewhat unclear behaviour of the copilot system and the visual feedback from the throttle positions being wrong as well. But that relatively small difference in engine power makes all the difference in the hover. I wouldn’t have persevered so long with trying to figure out what was happening without your video and clear descriptions of your experience here, as well as my own stubborness to write it off as a “skill issue” and my desire to fly this amazing aircraft, so thank you again :slight_smile:

I have posted it as a bug report here DO31 engine RPM too high and inconsistent with visual throttle position depending on controller input type


After few weeks I returned to cockpit of this aircraft. And I can not believe this was not released for free. Many buttons in cockpit are “dead”, on load panel I can add load adding weight to pilots only.
Flight model is completely joke. It flies like train… no shaking, load have no impact on performace. It behaves like on the moon.
It is prototype. Definitely not finished aircraft.

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