Local Legend 15: Dornier Do 31

I really dig your comment :heart: but be aware, after I said something like what u just said I was neck deep in discussion how entitled I were, why for free, just incompetent not being able to properly vertically land it anywhere, and criticizing the implemented system with given control level over the levers uhhhhh​:saluting_face: but yes sir, I am :100: % with you and have the same opinion my fellow captain :pilot:t2: sim

Problem with MS aircraft is that most of issues are not resolved even it is payware. When aircraft is full of major bugs…it very fast change to garbage in hangar.

After six weeks of flying this hopper all over Africa, I have managed to hone the takeoffs and landings to almost a boring level. I choose to use vertical takeoff whenever conditions allow. I have never managed to land vertically. However, I have managed to bring my airspeed to an average of 50 knots at touchdown making rollout almost non-existent. I really like this aircraft and find, that despite its size, it will land like a Cessna 152. By the way, any attempt to completely flair out to less than 40 knots airspeed results in uncontrollable oscillation.

My wondering is, Why is the aircraft rumbling so loud when the battery is turned on and nothing else? As the engines spool up, this background noise disappears. My subwoofer is getting a workout.