Local Legend 16: The Short SC.7 Skyvan

Please use this thread to post your impressions and feedback about the Short SC.7 Skyvan, available now from the in-sim Marketplace for USD $14.99.

If you have any bugs related to this plane to report, please create a new thread in the Bug Reports & Wishlist section of the forum with the tag sc7-skyvan.


A PDF manual for this aircraft is available on our website here:

There is also a Discovery Series video available here:


After the MU-2…

Fool me once, shame on me
Fool me twice, that’s strike three

It’s a shame as I like the Skyvan as a plane but just can’t get behind ini’s low-level of effort on GA stuff


Love the plane I havent flown it yet still checking out the details, theres quite a bit of easter eggs in the skyvan mainly the surveyor could it be hinting at something coming later this year maybe :smiley: :thinking:

Please add DME to the classic version

Imo, this one is better than the MU-2

I just made a short hop in New Zealand and love it! Not a study level add on but a fun plane.

Some things I 'm running into:

  • Why is there the sound of breaking glass when switching to some views?
  • Why won’t the starboard engine die when fuel is cut off, and engine switch is set to Stop, until the battery is off?
  • Like the 330/360, this one doesn’t love the Honeycomb Bravo due to how power management works. Battery on does not control master power or the battery switches, though it does turn the batteries on, but you might encounter violent ticking as the virtual switches and in-game switches are fighting (I think.)
  • Ground handling feels wonky. Nosewheel is very sensitive, and like the Mu-2 you can lock yourself by turning the nosewheel too far at slow speeds (easy enough to fix, just even the nosewheel back out.)

The sounds are pretty good, visuals are decent (they’re no Carenado, for sure). Systems are very simple. I can’t judge the flight model after one flight in windy conditions, but it felt pretty simple and made me want to hop in the 330/360 instead.

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This is a fantastic little plane - much much better than the MU-2 and the Nemo livery is the best. Perfect for skydiving ops!

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Completely disagree - they have evidently learnt a lot and improved the MU-2 and this is a great little plane

I cut off the engines with the RPM levers and works. (I don,t know if is the standard procedure)

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Fun aircraft to fly.
Nice details and probably future functions for 24 with the skydivers etc.

Little interactive map application on the laptop is very very wrong about most of the country’s haha.
Data base for it is probably ww2 era or earlier.

The visuals and flight model are miles of an improvement compared to my initial experience with MU2 (which was resolved eventually and is my second favourite to this)


Really really liking her so far :grin: espacially the skydive variant :smiley:


Believe it or not, but that’s a real livery from an actual Skyvan!


I’ll read through the manual a bit more, that might be part of it. Thanks!

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Short SC.7 Skyvan

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The Classic cockpit variant doesn’t have a DME indicator eventhough the GPS version has DME for VORs and ILS via the GNS530 radio tuning feature. Realistically this aircraft should have a DME readout somewhere on the panel in the classic version

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Fly the Skyvan and switch to classic cockpit. The DME gauge is conspiciously missing

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Just an observation - not all VOR-equipped aircraft have a DME receiver as it’s often a completely separate piece of equipment (not necessarily integrated with the VOR sets). This could be an omission, but could also be a deliberate design choice in this sim aircraft.

If that’s the case, this could make for a good wishlist addition.


Moved to Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Polls & Feedback since as mentioned by @CharlieFox00 this could be a deliberate design choice. Also the aircraft manual does not mention any DME equipment. See below link to access the manual:

Had my first flight. Started on the runway - if you can manage to start this plane without paying significant attention to the manual and checklist, you’re a better man than I am (which is entirely possible). Didn’t have time this evening, that’ll have to come later.

One thing that did stand out to me - because I tend to keep an eye on the torque gauges - is that the paint on the bezel of the left-hand torque gauge is missing.

Clearly the aircraft is completely ruined and I want my money back!

Or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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