Local Legend 16: The Short SC.7 Skyvan

You can’t not have a trim indication IRL simply because you need a means of knowing where the trim is set prior to take-off. An indication could take many forms.

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I didn’t buy any of these legends and fliers (though the are nicely priced) due to thier rubber physics /systems emptiness… Not even one.

Yeah and even the cheapest of aircraft have a trim pitch indicator in the sim. So I wonder what was the challenge here?

Some other observations.
Shouldn’t the guslock be in the on position at the start? I find that if its off when I start, then there’s no reason to even use it.

In Addition, I see that there is a cabin temp warning that appears after using the air bleeds for a while, but I couldn’t find any readout as to what the cabin temperature is.

The results of any throttle movement seems way to sensitive. For example moving the throttle back just a quarter of an inch, results in the aircraft responding as though I just slammed on the brakes and I almost immediately lose 40 knots. It just doesn’t feel right. The Short 330 nor any other aircraft respond like that.

Love this addition to the sim. Its the first Local Legend I have purchased and I’ve totally fallen in love with it.


See? I said this plane would appeal to bush pilots (and now I have to go back and edit my post to mention aircraft carriers).