Local Legend I: Junkers Ju 52

The first of our Local Legends, the Junkers Ju 52, is now available on the Marketplace. Please use this thread to discuss this release.

More information about the Ju 52 can be found here.

Known Issues

  • With the taxi lights on, there is a strobing effect on the center prop that’s visible from both the pilot’s and copilot’s seat
    • Workaround: In the Modern mode, you can turn off the taxi light to minimize any discomfort. While in Vintage, turn off both the landing and taxi lights.
  • The Run-Up checklist can not be completed on the Junkers JU-52 Retrofit, due to the Manifold Air Pressure check
  • The HUD of the Ju-52 shows the value of the Elevator Trim has a float instead of a integer like other aircraft.
  • ATC refers to the Junkers as “Junc-kers” instead of “Yunc-kers.”
  • The panel lights in the Floats and Skis variant of the Ju-52 cannot be adjusted using the Center Panel Light knob. The lights are always on at full intensity. To turn off the lights ‘L’ must be used.
  • “Cowflaps” instead of “Cowlflaps”

I love that <3


does this have ap

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No time to download today… how is it? :grinning:

Cant wait to try it out! Thank you so much for bringing this unique piece of aviation history to our homecockpits. It looks lovely!

Also thanks for sharing the history of it and its creator.
Thanks to Oliver Moser for taking the time to develop this plane and thanks to the whole team that was involved!


Looks great. First plane I could not start without the help of the checklist. Quite a procedure so nicely complex too.


For those who are at work or still downloading, there’s a Twitch streamer currently trying it out: Twitch

i cant purchased from the marketplace…i press the option buy and download and nothing happens…and says purchase pending is it available on steam?


Flight model is completely broken The part of the flight model affecting take-offs is broken (the rest is fine), I can take off at less than 50km/h in just a few meters (20-30m?), doing further tests now

EDIT: For clarification, in this video I was experiencing 7kts of headwind, I add below another video where I experience mostly the same behaviour with “clear weather”.

“No” winds:


Minimize MSFS and you can follow the payment process on steam

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3 attempts to download resulting in 3 CTDs does not bode well.

Haven’t seen that in my first test. Might it be possible with significant head wind that I did not have? As far a I have tested it was as imagined.

I need test more but so far it left a very positive first impressions. And as critical as I can be, I can also see and appreciate the positive and like to express my thanks for the different models - standard, float, ski, retrofitted cockpit and comparatively tasteful skins. Thank you!


I also had a very short take off roll.

Shouldn’t the posts from this thread be merged in?

It was 1.5 hours earlier and had 50+ posts so it’s a bit weird to just lock it and refer to this thread.


[Official Discussion]

Look at this, how the hell did this plane get past quality control?

EDIT: Since I see this particular post has brought a lot of attention while the ones below, with further tests don’t, I add here the info we found after more tests:

First one: 0 winds, 50% load 6 seconds for take-off
Second try: 7kts wind, 50% load 3.5 seconds for take-off
Third test: 7kts wind, 100% load, 7 seconds take-off

Now lets compare with the shortest take-off I have managed to find online:
17 seconds take-off with an empty plane
video removed because there was a swastika in the tail I obviously cannot show


Par for the course.

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D-HDAL?! That’s a helicoter registration so everything fine I guess xD


That is some stol. :joy: