Local Legend II: Fokker F.VII

Context is important here. For instance, where you say ‘expect to get what was advertised’ well, what was advertised was the Fokker. They weren’t disingenuous with the systems depth etc, and expecting the second coming of the DC-6 for £13 is only ever going to end in tears. I’m not sure what you were expecting for the money, mate. The aircraft is functional and it flies. Reasonably well, IMO.

A couple of caveats to that, I realise I’m being flippant there but I think my point is valid. And, I agree that there are things missing that need to be updated (HP, for instance).

For some variants you are not able to start aircraft by in-game checklist!
Even the basics are not working in this aircrafts.

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I don’t think it’s fair to use the cheaper price of an aircraft to excuse a lack of quality. I don’t buy aircraft fun “by the pound”. I buy a Fokker viii because I want to fly the Fokker viii. I want a certain level of quality. I don’t pay less and want less fun.


It’s all opinion isn’t it though. About what constitutes value for money. I mean, look at the amount of people that buy, and are satisfied with, the Deimos aircraft (a crude example I know, but the only one I can think of right now)

People do like this aircraft. It’s not going to be fun for everyone. I think it’s reasonably decent personally, but it does need some improvements.

Well, funny thing you say - the poster above you is one of the most ardent supporters and defenders of Deimos, so yes… :wink: It is all opinion, after all. With all the deficiencies of the Orbx’ Fokker, in MY book it is MILES above anything Deimos has ever done.

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Absolutely agree. The Fokker is flawed but is on the whole enjoyable. I didn’t necessarily want to make an example of the Deimos stuff but unfortunately they are what springs to mind when I think of half baked addons :joy:

Hello everyone,

We will be releasing an update to the Fokker F.VII soon. Please see below for the changelog:


  • Fixed engine start-up and throttle issues
  • Fixed altimeter reading 0 when over 10,000ft
  • Fixed magnetic compass jumping
  • Updated geometry and textures for entire cockpit
  • Updated rear wall fuel panel with correct levers
  • Improved gauge readability
  • Introduced new fuel control system
  • Added steerable tail skid
  • New steering wheel yoke
  • Chocks/parking brake removed

F.VIIb/3m Original Cockpit

  • Fixed engine start-up and throttle issues
  • Fixed magnetic compass jumping
  • Updated geometry and textures for entire cockpit
  • Updated rear wall fuel panel with correct levers
  • Introduced new fuel control system
  • Improved gauge readability
  • Added steerable tail skid
  • Added new hand-crank click prop engine starter feature
  • New steering wheel yoke
  • Chocks/parking brake removed

F.VIIb/3m Modern Cockpit

  • Fixed texture banding on grey surfaces
  • Fixed blue fuel pump lights
  • Fixed ADF/NDB radio issues
  • Fixed compass card
  • Fixed geometry for overhead switch panel and window frame to reach switches
  • Updated fuel system
  • Improved overall switch function light status

F.VIIa / b KLM

  • Removed KLM logo from the floor and improved textures

Southern Cross

  • Improved rear cabin geometry and textures


  • Fixed aircraft lean when on water
  • Fixed wake effects when traveling on water

All Planes

  • Fixed snowing inside cockpit
  • Fixed icing effect
  • Fixed gaps in fuselage and cowling
  • Fixed isolated textures issues
  • Fixed over-stressing crashes
  • Fixed plane rolling right after takeoff
  • Fixed LODs
  • Fixed geometry clipping on all cockpits
  • Fixed extended range fuel tanks on SC/Josephine/Friendship
  • Updated flight model on all variants
  • Updated in-sim checklists and QRC’s
  • Updated AO bake for all cockpits and cabins
  • New in-tail geometry and textures
  • New engine cowling on all variants
  • New clickable cockpit/cabin door
  • New camera view now able to enter cabin from the cockpit
  • New engine smoke added to all variants
  • Removed all Orbx branding

This is great but I hope things will change such that aircraft are not released in a state that requires this many changes again.


Anyone had the time to test this updated version?
How about the performance issue of the 1m version, didn’t see that mentioned?
Work disturbs my testing…:worried:


No updates there yet at least on xbox

I think I will buy it once it receives those updates.

The initial review videos I saw were not very enthusiastic.
So I had shied away from making a purchase so far, although I would like to have the seaplane version.

Wait for update and some feedback please. Because currently are these Fokkers showcase aircrafts only. And refund is not possible even it is full of bugs and basic use cases doesn’t work.

Oh I absoluetly will wait for the update. And better some video reviews.

Way back in WWII there were some Fokkers who bombed our chip shop… Never forgive 'em for that!

BTW I checked Content Manager and see no updates for Fokkers :frowning:
I hope it will come today. I would like to use what I payed for.

I’m grateful these things are being fixed/updated but it begs the question - why were these not in the initial release? That’s an extensive list - most of these issues must have been known if any kind of internal testing was done - was it rushed to meet a deadline? Doesn’t it make more sense to ‘do it right the first time’ rather than having to go back and add fixes - that costs time and resources! I think most of us would rather have the initial release done correctly. I would also have to think a rushed initial release having flaws impacts sales as word of mouth would be poor.

Anyway, glad its being addressed.

It says it will be released ‘soon’ mate.

It will be updated on Thursday or SU then. They update content regularly these days.

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I’m guessing it’s big daddy Microsoft demanding that schedules be kept to and sod if it’s actually completed or not.


In the dev update from april 7th 2022 it was mentioned that the update was already out. But now that has been removed

And even the changelog dissapeared

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