Local Legend IV: Savoia-Marchetti S.55

@TheBlackWind977 Great find! I never use the yoke assist, so didn’t think of that at all. Good to know, thank you.

However, as a ‘poor man’s autopilot’ you could try using the copilot function. If you don’t have a nearby airport selected as a destination the copilot will just hold your current heading and the nearest 1000 foot mark of altitude when you engage it. It does a surprisingly good job of it.

Yes, the plane does a bit of weathervaning in even gentle wind gusts. You can tune that out with slightly differential thrust though, since the props are counter-rotating. That’s how they managed ‘rudder trim’ in the real one. The front prop always has slightly higher thrust output than the rear, given that it’s pulling through clean air, so at high power settings there will always be a little yaw/roll with it. It’s pretty easy to tune it out with the throttles.



Does the S55 has a copilot function? How? Where?

@LuisArgerich Not the S.55 specifically, but the entire sim does, works with any plane.

Load up a flight and go to the toolbar at the top of the screen, where your camera and weight/fuel controls are etc. In the settings icon on the right you can turn on “Flight Assistant”, and set it up in its own menu. When you turn on “AI Piloting” if you don’t give it a destination it just flies straight and level on your current heading, and maintains the nearest 1000 foot altitude to your current one.


Ah ok sorry I thought it was something in the plane, I hate all the MSFS assists and the top menu too :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info!