Local Legend IV: Savoia-Marchetti S.55

Yeah, that’s what i think makes this sim great ~ the ability to make it whatever you want! :smiley:
The friend i play the most with pretty much only modern planes/military jets (anything that goes fast), while i rarely fly anything that goes over 150knts. Just looking at our screens when we’re both in parking, it almost looks like a dif game because of the different sets of planes we’ve chosen to go for XD

Also, the HALO, Top Gun, and Reno expansions were a hit with everyone i’ve played with (even if they might not be as ‘serious’ as what some people are looking for). Defs love the Local Legends and Famous Flyers series and can’t wait to see how they progress in the future \o/


Porco Rosso is a classic that has achieved cult status.

Wind Rises about the development of the WWII Zero is a masterpiece, one of Hyaho Miazaki’s best animated film’s.

It is important to note that Studio Ghibli animations are Japanese but are not anime.

The autopilot cold be a static pilotfigure in the right seat. poke him in the ear, and he will say " My plan, straight and level. Yess sir! :smile:

In your post a handfull of days ago, you mentioned an upcomming update. I was just wondering, is there already a time-horizon in view when it will be released or is it too early to being able to tell?

Yes, there is indeed an update coming, with lots of fixes and some nice improvements. I’m nearly finished with it, but I need to wait for the release of the sim update 10 beta, and test it against that for a few days.

SU10 will be bringing many changes I think, perhaps more than any previous update, and to almost every aspect of the sim, so I want to make sure everything on the S.55 works perfectly with that first.



Sounds good. Improved water handling as well in SU10?

I’ve made some improvements to the water handling on my end for the update, but I’m not aware of any improvements to that on the sim side yet. I know it’s on their roadmap, but I don’t know when.


Thank you so much for your feedback!!!

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Besides this update, already one of my favourite planes


Can you please share how to do this? Every time I start a flight (regardless of where) the engines are already running. Thanks.

The water runways that come in the game by default lack parking spots so they always start you out with everything switched on.

There are a bunch of mods that add seaplane bases with parking spots for cold and dark starts over on flightsim.to and return to misty moorings website, although if you’re on Xbox that’s of no use to you.

The other thing you could try is starting at a land airfield on a parking spot and then using the slew commands to dump the plane in any body of water you want. I know it works with amphibian planes but it might not work with pure flying boats like the S.55s but it’s worth a punt I guess.

A few weeks back someone did post a bit from an interview with Jorg Neumann where he talked about starting cold and dark from the water being worked on in the default sim so maybe one day we’ll be able to do it without any hassle :crossed_fingers:

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This is what I do every time I fly this wonderful plane. Perfect for immersion? Nope. But the moment I hop back in the cockpit and hear the water lapping against the hulls, everything is right as rain. It also allows me to start cold and dark in the water, wherever I want

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Saving a flight while on the water respawns you on the water when you load it again.

We will be releasing an update to the Savoia-Marchetti S.55 today. Please see below for the release notes:

  • General
    • Fixed VR handling of Trim lever
    • Fixed missing copilot heading indicator knob tooltip info
  • S.55
    • New livery added: First S.55 prototype, “Santa Maria”, in 1926 colours.
    • Propeller performance bug fixed, was producing around 20% too much thrust at full power, resulting in higher than intended climb rate
    • Windshield scratches/dirt adjusted
    • Modern digital comm radio removed and replaced with more period appropriate simple radio
    • Compass light switch tool-tip fixed
  • S.55X
    • New S.55X variant added (“Decennial, 1933”), with only simple comm radio installed, no GPS or transponder
    • Canopies and side windows are now functional and animated, with appropriate cockpit sound changes
    • Interior glass z-sorting issues fixed
    • Windshield scratches/dirt adjusted



Hi everyone! The first S.55 update is now available, and here is some more detailed info on what is included. My apologies for the long delay in getting this to you but as you will see in the notes below there was quite a lot to do and test.

This update contains several bug fixes, but is primarily focused on bringing improvements to both airplanes.

Changes in this update…


  • New livery added: The first S.55 prototype, “Santa Maria”, in 1926 colours.
  • The modern digital comm radio has been removed and replaced with a new period appropriate simple mechanical radio.
  • Propeller performance bug fixed. The props were producing around 20% too much thrust at full power, resulting in a higher than intended climb rate.
  • Compass light switch tool-tip description fixed.
  • Windshield scratches/dirt have been adjusted.


  • A new S.55X variant has been added (“Decennial, 1933”) with only the new simple comm radio installed, and no GPS or transponder, for those who prefer a more ‘original’ flying experience.
  • The sliding canopies and side windows are now functional and animated, with appropriate cockpit sound effects. They can be positioned in any configuration you like during flight, and they do not cause airframe overstress crashes.
  • Cockpit rain sound effects have been added.
  • Interior glass z-sorting (flickering) issues have been fixed.
  • The Askania heading selector click spot has been increased in size.
  • Windshield scratches/dirt have been adjusted.

S.55 & S.55X:

  • Entirely new and much improved propeller animations have been added to both airplanes.
  • New wake and propeller wash effects added.
  • Elevator trim increments have been reduced in scale, allowing much finer control at cruise speeds, and trim handle interaction has been improved.
  • Engine tachometer animations have been improved.
  • Oil and coolant temperatures tweaked to more realistic values.
  • Radiator cooling flap effectiveness has been improved.
  • Contact points, float configuration, and water handling have been improved.
  • Rare “Crashed into water” message during normal landing has been fixed… hopefully. (I have not seen this bug happen in about a month.)
  • Aircraft selection screen livery titles have been improved.
  • Several localisation text fixes.
  • Various small model and texture fixes.

Known issues:

  • S55X: Transponder may not function when starting from cold and dark.
  • S55X: Resetting gyro drift can cause the copilot directional gyro to get briefly ‘stuck’.
  • S55 & S55X: Engines may not start properly from cold and dark (apron start) currently. Please use Ctrl-E autostart for now if this happens.
  • S55 & S55X: New simple comm radio frequency adjustment knobs do not function when the battery switch is off. Please make sure battery is turned on for now.

The above issues were discovered too late in the test cycle to make it into this update unfortunately, but all of them have already been fixed and submitted. They are now in testing and an additional update with these items fixed should be available soon.

Many thanks again for your patience and I hope you all enjoy the changes, additions, and improvements to the Savoia S55s! If you have any questions or issues please let me know and I will do my best to address them.

Happy flying!




Great job thank you very much. “”“Ramasurinen”“”

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Wonderful. Thank you very much for your attention to detail and dedication to improve the experience. One of the most charming oldies just got better!

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Great support for this aircraft I think.
Thank you.

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Great job! I love it when developers improve/fix their products.


anybody else having trouble starting the engines? i haven’t changed anything with my setup and i can’t get the engines started for nothing. battery → apu motor → fuel pumps → mixtures full rich → mags to both → let the apu build pressure to 3.5+ → hold the starter down → blades spin a little, apu pressure goes down, no start

what am i doing wrong? this worked for me in the past.